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Metro Council revisits history for its Thursday night meeting

Wednesday November 8, 2006

Louisville Metro Council
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Louisville – For almost 213 years, Louisville and Jefferson County government operated on the traditional system of representative voting. When an Alderman or County Commissioner’s name was called, a simple yes or no voice vote was cast.

The Metro Council will revisit history at its Thursday night meeting November 9th out of necessity, as the council prepares to welcome a new era of computer based voting.

The new voting system is in the process of being installed and is expected to be up and operating during the November 21st Metro Council Meeting. It is part of an overall upgrade of internet access for legislation proposed and approved by the Council.

“The new agenda management allows for quicker, almost instant access to what we are doing at Council meetings,” says President Kevin Kramer (R) 11.

The new system is called “Agenda Plus.” It is created by SIRE Agenda Plus, of Salt Lake City, which handles not only current legislation but also archiving processes for local governments. The new system will give people easier navigation of council agenda’s and will offer better access to voting records, council debates and background information used in the discussion of council topics.

Currently, the Council still uses voice vote on many measures including resolutions and approval of amendments to ordinances. But an individual electronic “yes” or “no” is still required.

“It is a really innovative system that allows us as Council Members and the general public to track what we are doing with the legislative process,” says Kramer.

Full implementation of the new software will be ready by the end of the year.

“We have moved forward with streamlining merged government and this new system is part of an effort to not only help us, but also the public which has become more web/technology savvy,” says Majority Leader Jim King (D) 10. “I think most of us will enjoy Thursday night and returning to the old way of doing things temporarily.”
The Metro Council meeting will begin at 6:00 pm.

Jim King (D) 10
Kevin Kramer (D) 11