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Metro Newsroom

Mayor Celebrates Construction of Newburg Library

Tuesday March 24, 2009

New building aims for highest environmental standards

Mayor Jerry Abramson joined library director Craig Buthod and Metro Council representatives to celebrate the ongoing construction of the new Newburg library branch. The $1.9 million library is the city’s first technology-driven branch, and will dramatically expand computer and multi-media accessibility to library patrons.

“This is a 21st century library to meet the needs of a 21st century Louisville,” Abramson said. “This is an area with lots of schoolchildren and families who need access to the expansive technology and resources this library will provide.”

The 8,000 square foot library will include 32 computers, areas for teens and children, a glass-enclosed study space with designated sections for tutors, and a large community meeting room. The library will open to the public late this summer.

“Libraries aren’t just storehouses for books,” said Buthod. “They’re places where neighbors plan block watches, where workers search online for jobs, where students study for exams, and where toddlers hear Aesop’s fables for the first time. This facility is beautifully responsive to the changing role of a neighborhood library and the needs of the residents.”

This will be the first city building to strive for LEED certification, the country’s highest environmental building standard. The library’s design includes geothermal heating and cooling, LED lighting, a water garden to reduce stormwater runoff, and plenty of natural light.

“I am so pleased to finally see the Newburg Library rising up in our neighborhood,” said Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin. “This is a dream that has been a long time in coming. Our residents were able to give their input in the building’s use and design, making this truly a community facility.”

Building the Newburg Library continues the Mayor’s commitment to expanding and improving library facilities throughout the city. This is the first new library constructed in Louisville since 1996 (when the Jeffersontown branch opened); before that, the next-newest free-standing library is the Main branch, built in 1969.

“Attendance and book borrowing numbers have been climbing every year for the past decade. More and more people depend on their neighborhood libraries,” said Abramson. “Building this branch is a high priority in the Library Master Plan, and it is an important step in expanding and improving our library system.”