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From massive paper to cost saver, Metro Council saving tax dollars with SIRE system

Monday May 7, 2007

Louisville Metro Council
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In six months time, the Louisville Metro Council has managed to drastically reduce its use of paper thanks to the new SIRE Agenda Plus system installed last November.

“It’s great that through the increasing use of technology, we become more efficient and at the same time help to improve the environment,” says Metro Council President Rick Blackwell (D) 12.

When the SIRE Agenda Plus system was put in place in November, council members and council committees were still using paper bound packets of information for agendas and legislation.

A typical council agenda packet can average about 850 pages. An agenda packet includes all information pertaining to an ordinance or resolution. Presently, a few council members still use a printed packet. The remaining members use the SIRE system which allows them to review on computer what was available in a printed packet.

Since January 26, 2007, the Metro Council Clerk’s office conservatively estimates 125,398 pages have been saved or 250 reams of paper.

The average packet of the 12 council committees is about 150 pages. Presently, ten council members still use paper packets for committees.

Of the potential 82 packets that could be printed during each committee week, 51 packets are no longer printed. Since January 26, 2007 that equals 53,550 copies or 107.1 reams of paper. It is possible in a year’s time the savings could be 241.8 reams of paper.

“Councilman Kevin Kramer is to be credited for his vision and leadership in making the transition to the new agenda system,” says Blackwell.

Kramer (R) 11 was President of the Metro Council at the time SIRE Agenda Plus management system was installed.

While the Council has been adapting to the change, the SIRE Agenda Plus system has also made it easier for the public to navigate through the issues being discussed and voted on every week.

“The public can now review legislation, see all materials relating to it and they can also find out how the council and committee members voted in detail,” says Metro Council Clerk Kathy Herron.

The SIRE system also posts summaries of all committee and council meetings within 24 hours of each meeting.

To see the system at work go to: Click on: go to Metro Council Homepage. Then click on: see Council meeting agendas in the top right corner of the page.

“I am excited with the future possibilities of the SIRE system, including video streaming of council meetings, to bring local government closer to our citizens,” says Blackwell.

Rick Blackwell (D) 12