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Metro Newsroom

Metro Council Ad Hoc Committee to Review 86/64 Proposal

Wednesday October 31, 2007

President Rick Blackwell (D) 12 has appointed Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh (D) 9 to chair an Ad Hoc Committee on Transportation to provide a public review of the 86/64 proposal that would offer an alternative to the Ohio River Bridges project.

Also expected to attend are Councilman Robin Engel (R) 22 who will serve as Vice Chairman of the Committee and Committee members Judith Green (D) 1 and Tom Owen (D) 8. Councilman Kevin Kramer (R) 11 will also serve on the committee. The first meeting will be held on Monday, November 19th at 5:00 p.m.

President Blackwell stated, “I applaud the efforts of Councilwoman Ward-Pugh in bringing the issue to the front burner of public debate. Our citizens and our community deserve a public discussion, and with the formation of this Ad Hoc committee, a forum will be provided.” Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh added, “Our community is in the middle of making a one hundred year decision. The Ad Hoc Committee will provide an opportunity for community leaders, decision makers and citizens to learn about an alternative proposal, that being 86/64. This has to help the process.”

“We would like to thank President Blackwell and Metro Council for hearing the voices of our more that 10,000 supporters and giving us the opportunity to share our vision with Louisville,” stated Tyler Allen on behalf of 86/64.

Rick Blackwell (D) 12
Tina Ward-Pugh (D) 9
Judith Green (D) 1
Kevin Kramer (D) 11
Robin Engel (R) 22
Tom Owen (D) 8