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Metro Council honors outstanding citizens during Black History Month

Thursday February 22, 2007

Majority Caucus
Louisville Metro Council
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A group of unique individuals were honored today for the work they have done to make Metro Louisville a better place to live.

“We are fortunate that these outstanding people have not only taken the time to be good citizens but they have made this city a better place for all of us to live,” said Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin (D) 2.

This year’s Metro Council Black History Month Program focused on the efforts of those who work in their communities. Some 24 people were honored during a lunch time ceremony at Historic City Hall.

“There are many leaders who are high profile and out in the public and their names may always be in the news,” said Shanklin. “The people we honor here today do what they do quietly because they feel an obligation to help others and treat others equally.”

Each Metro Council member was asked to submit a person or persons in their district who truly represented the spirit of working for a better life for their neighborhood. Other honorees were selected because of tireless volunteer work in many organizations through out Metro Louisville.

“Each of us has an opportunity to make a difference,” said Shanklin. “These honorees show us every day how that difference can become a reality.”

Since 2004, the Metro Council has honored many individuals during Black History Month in February. There have been honors for local African Americans who were first in their field of endeavor. African American educators have also been honored.

“I am proud the Metro Council can take this time to give credit were credit is do with many of our citizens who deserve our thanks,” said Shanklin.

Here are the award recipients for the 2007 Metro Council Black History Month Program:

District 1: Richard & Hattie Broadus

District 2: James Flowers & Bennie Farrell

District 3: Richard & Betty Garrison

District 4: Bill Gatewood

District 5: J. Blaine & Bani Hines Hudson

District 6: Robbie Bell & Michael Brooks

District 7: Paula McCraney

District 8: Ed Wickley

District 10: Ramon Collins

District 11: Dow Buford

District 12: James Wilkins

District 14: Alberta Rowan

District 15: Joyce Tate

District 16: Keith Talley

District 17: Winfred McBroom

District 20: Anita Johnson

District 22: Claudia Geurin

District 24: Michael Foree, Jr.

District 25: Rev. Peter Hayes

Special recognition and honors were given to the Montford Point Marine Association Louisville Chapter 22. The Association is a non-profit veteran's organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of the original Montford Pointers, other veteran programs, and public service. Montford Point in Jacksonville, NC was the only training facility for African American Marines from 1942-1949.

Judith Green (D) 1
Barbara Shanklin (D) 2
Mary C. Woolridge (D) 3
David Tandy (D) 4
Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D) 5
George Unseld (D) 6
Ken Fleming (R) 7
Tom Owen (D) 8
Jim King (D) 10
Kevin Kramer (R) 11
Rick Blackwell (D) 12
Bob Henderson (D) 14
Marianne Butler (D) 15
Kelly Downard (R) 16
Glen Stuckel (R) 17
Stuart Benson (R) 20
Robin Engle (R) 22
Madaonna Flood (D) 24
Doug Hawkins (R) 25