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Air Quality Alert for Sunday and Monday

Friday July 14, 2006

The Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District has issued an Air Quality Alert for the Kentuckiana area for Sunday, July 16 and Monday, July 17.

An Air Quality Alert is issued when ozone or particulate pollution levels are expected to reach the Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups range, which is an AQI of 101 or higher. Sensitive Groups include the elderly, children, persons with asthma or other breathing problems, and persons with heart disease. People in these groups are advised to limit their outdoor activities to reduce their exposure to ozone and particulate pollution. Call the District's 24-hour air quality hotline at 502-574-3319 for current information or visit the District's website for details. You can e-mail us at

APCD recommends the following actions to help protect public health and help Louisville’s air on an Air Quality Alert day:

  • Drive less and combine errands in one car-trip, when possible. A car pollutes five times more when it’s started after sitting for an hour than when the engine’s warm.
  • Ride the bus—call TARC at 585-1234 for route information.
  • Carpool and vanpool with your neighbors or co-workers. Call Ticket to Ride at 267-5400 for ride-sharing information.
  • Use ceiling fans or portable fans to help your AC work easier and consume less electricity.
  • Stop at the click and avoid topping off fuel tanks. Re-fuel when it’s cool. Tighten your gas cap securely to prevent harmful fumes from escaping into the air.
  • Maintain optimal tire inflation and drive the speed limit for better fuel economy.
  • Leave the car in park and brown-bag your lunch to work or order in together as a group.
  • Avoid using gas-powered lawn equipment. Mowing your yard for an hour creates the same amount of smog-forming hydrocarbons as driving from Louisville to Nashville in a newer car.
  • See for more tips and information.

It All Adds Up to Cleaner Air