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Councilman Tom Owen encourages participation in “Front Porch Tuesdays.”

Tuesday May 2, 2006

Majority Caucus
Louisville Metro Government

For Immediate Release:

Louisville – Life is hectic, no doubt about it. The pace is typical for most families

 Up and out the door to work and school in the morning.. Then in the afternoon, its off to practice and shopping. Then it’s home late and before you know it off to bed to start it all over again the next day.

“Most people come home after a hard day at work and then use the back porch as a way to unwind,” says Kristen Riddick of Highland Avenue. “I’m glad we got involved in Front Porch Tuesday’s.”

It is an idea created by District Councilman Tom Owen and this year Front Porch Tuesday will be held on May 16th and 23rd.

‘I launched Front Porch Tuesdays in the Spring of 2005 not knowing what to expect,” says Owen. “All I did was create an excuse for neighbors to get together because I sensed that many of us aim to be more neighborly but frequently miss the mark.”

The premise is a simple one for any neighborhood street in District 8.

On May 16th , folks on the odd numbered side of a street are asked to invite their neighbors over to the front porch. It’s a chance to get know each other and talk about the neighborhood. Then the following week, the even number home owners invite folks from the other side.

“We found it was a great chance to learn a little more about the history of our street,” says Jack Francis of Harvard Drive. “There was one gentleman who had lived in

a home on the end of the street for 40 years. He came out and talked about how the area had changed and gave us a good history of his home.”

Both Francis and Riddick say Front Porch Tuesday was a chance to get to know people and encourage a safer place to live.    

“It had a positive impact on getting to know people in the neighborhood. We were able to start a block watch program as well as get some people involved in the Original Highlands Neighborhood Association,” says Riddick.

“There are many places in town where I think an idea like this would work well,” says Francis. “Especially if you have an area were a lot of people walk already. It is a good starting point for people to make contact and get to know each other.”

Anyone who is interested in participating in Front Porch Tuesday should stop by the Highlands Shelby Branch of the Louisville Free Public Library at the Mid City Mall to pick up a yard sign.  Then let your neighbors know you want to see them by placing the sign in your front yard.

“When we know our neighbors there’s a whole lot more pulling together in a  neighborhood.” says Owen.

Front Porch Tuesday as reaches beyond a neighborhood street.

Several merchants along Bardstown Road, Baxter Avenue and Barret Avenue are also involved with the event by offering “Afterglow” specials and refreshments.

“We hope folks will stroll by our local merchants because after all they are our neighbors too ,” says Owen “We are lucky for their proximity and the richness they bring to our neighborhoods.”

If you would like more information about Front Porch Tuesdays as well as see pictures of how easy it is to participate, then go to

Tom Owen (D) 8