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President Tandy announces Chairs and Vice Chairs for 2009 Committees

Friday January 16, 2009

For Immediate release:
Louisville Metro Council
Contact: Tony Hyatt 574-4137/526-3622
                Stephen Haag 574-1204/645-1752

Metro Council President David Tandy (D-4) on Friday announced the Chairs and Vice Chairs of eleven (11) Council Committees for the coming year.

"These men and women have been chosen for their expertise and abilities in different fields, as well as reflecting the diversity of the community and makeup of the council," said the President. "I appreciate their willingness to take on the hard work that lies before us in the year ahead. I am counting on their experience and judgment to help us make this a better community."

In announcing the Chairs and Vice Chairs, President Tandy has also announced some changes in the makeup of the Committees. The Contracts and Appointments Committee will be reconstituted with the rules and ethics functions falling under the Government Accountability Committee.

The Minority and Community Affairs Committee has been renamed the Community Affairs Committee in order to reflect the wide range of issues that affect everyone in this community. Additionally, this committee will serve as a forum that will allow for greater discussion of some of the pressing issues of the day.

"These changes to the Committees will streamline some very important oversight functions of the Council," said Tandy.

Now that the Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs have been named, it will be the responsibility of the leadership of the Majority and Minority Caucuses to recommend members for the 2009 committees.

Here are the Chairs and Vice Chairs for 2009:

Appropriations NDF’s and CIF’s:

Chair: Robin Engel (R-22)

Vice-Chair: Rick Blackwell (D-12)

Government Accountability & Oversight:

Chair: Kelly Downard (R-16)
Vice-Chair: Jim King (D-10)


Chair: Jim King (D-10)
Vice-Chair: Kelly Downard (R-16)

Contracts and Appointments ;

Chair: Vicki Welch (D-13)

Health and Human Needs:

Chair: Mary Woolridge (D-3)
Vice-Chair: Judith Green (D-1)

Labor and Economic Development:

Chair: Marianne Butler (D-15)

Vice-Chair: James Peden (R-23)

Community Affairs:

Chair: Barbara Shanklin (D-2)
Vice-Chair: Bob Henderson (D-14)

Parks, Libraries and the Arts:

Chair: Glen Stuckel (R-17)
Vice-Chair: Vicki Welch (D-13)

Planning, Zoning, Land Design and Development:

Chair: Tom Owen (D-8)
Vice-Chair: Glen Stuckel (R-17)

Public Safety:

Chair: Madonna Flood (D-24)

Vice-Chair: James Peden (R-23)

Transportation and Public Works:

Chair: Ken Fleming (R-7)
Vice-Chair: Tom Owen (D-8)

David Tandy (4)