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Citizens Satisfied With Merger, City Services, Poll Shows

Wednesday August 10, 2011

Level of approval varies among neighborhoods

 Louisville residents are generally pleased with the merger of city-county governments and believe that basic services – police, fire, EMS, waste pickup and public transit — are good but have room for improvement.

Those are the conclusions of a scientific survey released today by the Merger 2.0 Task Force.

“This survey shows that — overall — Metro Government is meeting the needs of the community. People generally feel safe and are satisfied with the services we provide,” Mayor Greg Fischer said. “However, my goal is for Louisville to be the best city government in America and this data will help us identify problem areas, improve customer-service and continue to develop ideas for continuous improvement.”

The 27-question telephone survey was conducted for one week in mid-July to 1,092 households in the city, with every residential zip code represented. It was completed by IQS Research of Louisville. In general, the survey showed that people who live west of I-65 have an overall lower satisfaction level with government services than those who live east of I-65.

Survey highlights:

· 56 percent of residents are satisfied with city-county merger, but only 18 percent are highly to extremely satisfied, which pollsters suggest shows apathy or disengagement.

· Police services received an overall positive response from residents -- 71% of those surveyed “highly agree” with the statement that they feel safe in their neighborhood. However, nearly one in four African-Americans said they were not satisfied with police in their area. Citizens said they wanted more patrols on the streets and more visibility.

· Fire received top marks, with 91% of residents saying they are “highly satisfied.”

· 83% of people were confident in services provided by EMS and 85% reported they were satisfied with service.

· A majority of residents — 78 percent — indicated they are “highly satisfied” with the services to collect their garbage.

· Regarding public transit, just over half of citizens — 51% — said they are satisfied with TARC. The biggest suggestions for improvements by residents who use TARC include more frequent buses, more routes and more bus shelters. Families who make $80,000 or more, and generally do not use public transit, said the biggest way to improve TARC is to build light rail.

The full survey results, including crosstabs by zip codes and neighborhoods, is available by clicking here.