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Metro Council moves forward with of 39 sunset laws

Friday April 6, 2007

Louisville Metro Council
Media Advisory
For Immediate Release                    
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Tony Hyatt 574-4137 / 526-3622
Stephen Haag 574-1204 / 645-1752        

The Metro Council is moving forward with its review of the remaining 39 sunset provisions that must be acted on before December 31st of this year.

As of today, 12 chapters have been completed. Then an additional 13 have already been assigned to committees. It is possible another 15 will soon be making its way through the Council’s committee process.

“I have to commend the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office for the thorough review that is currently underway,” Says Metro Council President Rick Blackwell (D) 12. “I also have to commend Councilman Kelly Downard (R) 16. Since this process began he has been keeping up the pace and staying on top of the review process.”

Seven Chapters are now ready to be given first reading when the Council meets on April 26th. It is possible another seven to eight will also be finished with initial recommendations.

“Committee chairs continue to work hard to address the remaining ordinances that must be reenacted” said Downard. “We are well on our way to achieving our goal of addressing the entire Louisville Metro Code of Ordinances by the conclusion of this year.”

Here are the next chapters up for first reading:

· No.35 Personnel Policies

· No. 53 Public Service Corp.

· No. 95 Hazardous Materials

· No. 123 Pawnbrokers

· No. 152 Moving Structures

· No. 153 Planning

· No. 154 Property Assessment & Re Assessment Moratorium

Blackwell says the Council will continue to monitor the review process and step in if needed to move things along through the committee system.

“This is a top priority for me and I believe we are headed in the right direction of resolving the laws of the old city of Louisville and Jefferson Fiscal Court,” said Blackwell.

Rick Blackwell (D) 12
KellY Downard (R) 16