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Metro Council applauds and commends UPS investment in Louisville

Thursday May 18, 2006

Media Release
Louisville Metro Council
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Tony Hyatt  574-4137 Cell:526-3622
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Louisville – A big day for “Brown” in Louisville.
United Parcel Service’s announcement to invest $1 billion and create 5,000 jobs at its Louisville operation is being applauded and commended by the Metro Council.

“It is a great day for the Commonwealth and the City,” says District 24 Councilwoman Madonna Flood, She worked at UPS on one of its many sorting operations between 1989 and 1993. “It is a great positive, boom because these 5,000 jobs will grow into additional jobs that will be created in the city.”

Flood said she worked at UPS while earning her degree from the University of Louisville. “They were good people then and they are good people now.”
 Several Metro Council members were on hand for the announcement and see the decision by UPS as a continued effort to secure a good economic future for Metro Louisville.

 “The Continued investment by UPS in this community will mean not only thousands of new jobs, but sends a message to companies that Louisville is open for business and ready to help a company grow into a thriving global competitor,” said District 19 Councilman Hal Heiner.

UPS said in making the announcement Wednesday that Louisville’s past performance was a key in moving forward with the decision to expand.

 “This is just another step in transforming our city into a destination for other businesses to locate their world headquarters here,” says District 4 Councilman David Tandy, “This is a testament to our cutting edge technology and the unmatchable skill and work ethic of our workforce.”

 “Today’s announcement is another way in which UPS continues to be a leader in Louisville’s growth in the global marketplace,” said District 7 Councilman Ken Fleming. “UPS dedication to creating jobs and local investment has been instrumental in the economic vitality of this region.

It has been more than 20 years since UPS first indicated a desire to locate a hub operation at Louisville’s Standiford Field airport. 

 “This proves the decision to reconstruct the airport with dual runways, while controversial at the time, continues to reap benefits for this city and the area in economic development,” said Majority Leader Jim King of District 10.

UPS will begin construction on the expansion by the end of this year.

Leonard Watkins (D)
Barbara Shanklin (D)
Mary Woolridge (D)
David Tandy (D)
Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D)
George Unseld (D)
Ken Fleming (R)
Tom Owen (D)
Tina Ward Pugh (D)
Jim King (D)
Kevin Kramer (R)
Vicki Welch (D)
Bob Henderson (D)
George Melton (D)
Kelly Downard (R)
Glen Stuckel (R)
Julie Raque Adams (R)
Hal Heiner (R)
Stuart Benson (R)
Dan Johnson (D)
Robin Engel (R)
James Peden (R)
Madonna Flood (D)
Doug Hawkins (R)
Ellen Call (R)