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Councilwoman Hamilton assures voters in District 5’s special wet dry election

Monday October 8, 2007

For Immediate Release:
Majority Caucus
Louisville Metro Council
Contact: Tony Hyatt 574-4137/526-3622

At a press conference on Monday, October 8th, Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D) 5 was joined by the organizers of the special September 11th wet dry election in which four precincts voted to go dry and not sell alcohol.

She has released the following statement:

“We really want to thank all the residents and registered voters in the four precincts who went out to the polls on September 11th to vote their precincts dry. We thank you for having the courage of your convictions and taking a giant step forward in improving the quality of life in the Shawnee neighborhood.

You sent the message LOUD and CLEAR that you have HAD ENOUGH of the DRUG DEALING – ASSAULTS – GANG ACTIVITY – HOMICIDES __ and VIOENCE that takes place around these six establishments – on West Broadway, River Park Drive, Muhammad Ali BLVD and West Market Street and that you wanted to prevent any future alcohol sales in your neighborhood.

We know that many people were shocked that the community united and voted these four precincts dry. In America, we vote by secret ballot and no one has a right to know how you voted.

Unfortunately, our opponents resorted to the tactics of trying to confuse and mislead the community with false information and allegations as the day of the election approached. It was never about the race, ethnicity or religion of the proprietors – but what our community wanted and demanded. And now, the opposition wants to say to you that you were confused and misled and didn’t know what you were voting on. Actually, they can’t believe that you didn’t fall for and believe their allegations. We know that they are going door-to-door to try to get those people that voted to sign a paper saying that they didn’t know what they were voting on – or if they signed the petition, that they didn’t know what they were signing. This is an effort to try to get the election overturned. Don’t be fooled.

We are here today to assure the voters of those four precincts that the supporters of the wet/dry election followed the letter of the law, and that any objections they may have about how the election was conducted could be heard by the court if they file an appeal by October 11th. We don’t want you to feel confused or intimidated by the people that may come up to your door.

We are also here to send a clear message to any future business owners that may want to open new liquor stores in our area that don’t want it here and they should take those businesses to their neighborhood. In fact, we want more businesses that add value to our neighborhood and not those that would bring it down.”

Ceri Bryant Hamilton (D) 5