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Labor & Economic Development Committee approves resolution supporting BEAM initiative

Tuesday November 15, 2011

For Immediate Release:
Louisville Metro Council
Contact: Tony Hyatt 574-4137/526-3622
                 Stephen Haag 574-1204/645-1752

The Metro Council’s Labor and Economic Development Committee gave its approval Tuesday to a joint resolution in which Louisville’s Metro Council and the Lexington Fayette Urban County Council show support and endorse the goals of the Bluegrass Economic Advancement Movement (BEAM).

“I thank the Committee for its approval because it’s important that everyone know our commitment to BEAM is genuine as it moves through this legislative process,” says Council President Jim King (D-10), who is the resolution’s primary sponsor. “In this economy, BEAM will show a unique spirit of cooperation between Louisville and Lexington and reassure everyone that creating jobs is a top priority for our governments.”

The focus of the BEAM initiative is to develop a regional business plan with a focus on advanced manufacturing.

The resolution highlights the 95,000 plus quality jobs found in the region of the two Kentucky cities. It draws attention to the local manufacturing base which continues to grow with corporations like Ford, Toyota, GE and LexMark.

“On behalf of the Lexington Fayette Urban County Council, we would like to thank you for collaborating with us on the BEAM initiative. It is our hope that by working together we can increase economic development and create jobs for our citizens,” says Vice Mayor Linda Gorton of the Urban County Council. “This is merely the start of a long-term partnership between our great cities.”

President King and Vice Mayor Gorton are working together to ensure this joint resolution, the first of its kind between the two governments, is passed as a way of endorsing the programs goals.

While the resolution’s primary sponsor is President King, the remaining 25 members of the Council are all co-sponsors. The resolution will come before the Metro Council for a full vote on Thursday night.

Jim KIng (D) 10