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Metro Newsroom

Vanpooling Program Continues Growing, Adds New Vans

Thursday October 23, 2008

Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency (KIPDA) and Transit Authority of the River City (TARC) unveiled 18 new 12-passenger Ford vans today to help meet the growing demand for vanpooling.

KIPDA and TARC’s partnership on the Ticket to Ride program started in August 2001 with four vans. KIPDA managed the administrative functions of the vanpool program and TARC handled fleet management, including maintenance and insurance. The vans are paid for with a variety of federal funds allocated by Kentucky and Indiana.

As gas prices have continued to rise over the past seven years, and congestion worsens, the Ticket to Ride program has continued to grow. As of October 2008, with the addition of the 18 new vans, there will be 55 vanpools operating by this year’s end.

“This gives commuters one more choice for getting around the region and also helps TARC to assess where additional service might be needed,” said TARC Executive Director J. Barry Barker. “We expect to continue to expand Ticket to Ride as long as the demand is there.”

"Ticket to Ride is a common sense way to save money on gas…while providing a comfortable and easy ride to work for people who live in the same neighborhood," Mayor Jerry Abramson said. "

"Today’s announcement of these new carpool vans takes us one step closer in our goal to offer Louisville area residents an alternative to owning a car."

A few of the factors that have contributed to the success of this partnership include:

  • Federal employers providing transportation fringe benefits, paying all or part of their employees’ monthly transit fares;
  • High demand due to continued increases in fuel prices;
  • Service is low-cost, flexible and reliable;
  • Commuters save thousands of dollars each year on commuting costs;
  • Satisfied customers referring the program to others;
  • Commuters avoid traffic congestion and promote a more environmentally friendly alternative to single-occupancy vehicles;
  • Successful advertising and promotion of the program through traditional media outlets, website, employer presentations and the vans themselves.

People interested in vanpooling can call Ticket to Ride at 267-5400 or email