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Metro Council receives Mayor’s FY 2008 Budget priorities

Thursday May 31, 2007

Louisville Metro Council
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Now that Mayor Jerry Abramson has presented a $810 million FY2008 Budget, the process of review by the Metro Council will get underway on June 6th.

On Thursday, the Mayor laid out his goals and priorities for the coming year in an address to the Council.

“This budget makes it clear we are on the same page with the Mayor when it comes to the City’s priorities,” says Majority Leader Jim King (D) 10.

The Council’s Budget Committee is set to review the Mayor’s goals and objective during the month of June.

“I am looking forward to the review process,” says Budget Chair Madonna Flood (D) 24. “Now that the Mayor has laid out his goals for the coming year, it is our job to hear from various departments on how those goals will be met.”

On May 16th, the Majority Caucus announced that public safety, human services and housing were top goals for the coming budget.

In his budget address, the Mayor cited rising costs for personnel and healthcare. The costs have almost doubled since merged government began operating in January of 2003.

“This Council has demonstrated that we can be fiscally responsible with tax dollars,” said King. “We are ready to work with the administration as we face these rising costs. All of us want to make sure we are investing wisely.”

The Mayor also announced the creation of the IDEAL initiative – Investing in Downtown for Economic Advancement of Louisville.

“I am pleased with what I have seen in the new potential economic growth in Downtown Louisville,” said Majority Caucus Vice Chair David Tandy (D) 4. “By leveraging downtown growth and saving it for further growth we are making the entire community better.”

The Budget Committee will begin its review of the Mayor’s plan on June 6th at 9:00am in Council Chambers.

Jim King (D) 10
David Tandy (D) 4
Madonna Flood (D) 24