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President Shanklin announces bipartisan framework to head committees

Thursday January 20, 2005

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Patrick H. Neely

Louisville Metro Council President Barbara Shanklin today announced a bipartisan framework of council members to head 2005 committees.

In naming chairs and vice chairs to the 11 standing and 2 ad hoc committees, including a new ad hoc committee to review parks projects, President Shanklin sought to put politics aside, establish bipartisan partnerships and incorporate the interests and talents of every council member.

In addition, Shanklin proposed adding two members - one Democrat and one Republican - to the Appropriations Committee, to respond to the numerous requests to be a part of that group.

"I've kept my commitment to being fair and honoring our agreement for proportionality on committees," President Shanklin said.

"This is the most inclusive our committee structure has been since merger," said Ninth District Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh, chair of the Democratic Caucus. "President Shanklin didn't use the committee process to reward or politically punish any council member. She looked at expertise, experience, and interest to make sure the committees are balanced, diverse and efficient.

"This council and this community are the better for it."

The one new committee - an ad hoc committee to review parks projects - will increase communication between the parks department and the council about needs, improvements and ongoing projects in metro parks. The committee will dovetail with the administration's focus on parks in 2005.

President Shanklin noted that council members from both parties had expressed an interest in establishing and serving on an arena committee, but she wanted to wait until later this year to give the council a chance to digest their work load.

"The general concept of a downtown arena is something that people from across the city - from the administration, the neighborhoods, the business community, and both sides of the political aisle - want to continue discussing," Shanklin said. "When the time comes to initiate that, I think Councilman Johnson, who has studied the issue for several years, would be the obvious choice to head that group."

The list of committees and their leadership is attached.


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