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Metro Newsroom

PARC To Implement New Booting, Parking Rules

Thursday September 3, 2009

Changes take effect Oct. 1

The Parking Authority of River City will begin booting vehicles that have two or more outstanding tickets, and it will raise fines for violators who do not pay their citations on time.

The changes, effective Oct. 1, are designed to ensure that on-street parking is used as it’s designed – as temporary parking that turns over several times a day.

“The boot has been a very effective method of encouraging people to follow the city parking laws,” said Cathy Duncan, PARC’s executive administrator. “However, some people still have not heard the message.”

Since booting was implemented nearly two years ago, 1,633 vehicles have been booted, resulting in $345,000 in fines collected.

Starting next month, any vehicle that has at least two outstanding tickets will be eligible to get the boot, even if the vehicle is parked at a meter with time remaining on it. Previously, vehicles were booted on the fourth ticket and only if the vehicle was parked at a meter that had expired.

According to PARC records, about 10,000 vehicles have two or more parking tickets. People who want to avoid the boot should pay their tickets before Oct. 1 or risk having their car immobilized.

In addition, PARC will increase the fees for people who do not pay their tickets on time.

People have a seven-day period to pay their parking tickets at the discounted cost of $15. On the 8th day, the price increases to $25 and a reminder letter is mailed to the address of the vehicle owner. On the 15th day, a certified letter is sent and the amount owed increases to $55.

PARC has 278,878 outstanding parking tickets, representing $6.5 million in unpaid citation revenue.