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Recycle Your Old Telephone Books

Wednesday October 17, 2007

Mayor Jerry Abramson today encouraged Louisville residents and businesses to drop off their old Yellow Pages in one of six designated recycling bins around the city. All directories deposited will be recycled at no charge to residents. The bins will be available beginning Thursday, October 17.

“Every year, hundreds of thousands of new phone books and Yellow Pages are delivered to Louisville homes,” said Abramson. “They take up a lot of space in the landfill and they’re easily recycled into new products.”

Abramson said there are several options for recycling old phone books or Yellow Pages. To accommodate multiple copies, large recycling containers will be located at six sites:

  • Louisville Metro parking lot -- 9th and Jefferson
  • Kroger -- 9812 Linn Station Road
  • Kroger -- 3616 Buechel Bypass
  • Kroger -- 3917 South 7th Street
  • Kroger -- 5001 Mudd Lane
  • Kroger -- 3165 South 2nd Street

Businesses with 25 or more Yellow Pages to recycle are urged to use these large containers, which will remain in place through November 14.

Residents and businesses with fewer than 25 copies may always use one of Louisville Metro’s five staffed recycling centers, which are open Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

  • Public Works - 595 Hubbards Lane
  • Southwest Government Center - 7219 Dixie Highway
  • Metro Parks Landscaping - 9300 Whipps Mill Road
  • Central Government Center - 7201 Outer Loop
  • Fairdale Community Center (adjacent to) - 10620 West Manslick Road

Old Yellow Pages may also be deposited at one of the following non-staffed recycling drop-off sites:

  • Louisville Fire Dept. Engine Co. #22 - 3228 River Park Drive
  • Louisville Fire Dept. Engine Co. #16 -1500 S. Sixth Street
  • Louisville Fire Dept. Engine Co. #12 - 4535 Manslick Road
  • Louisville Fire Dept. Engine Co. #8 - 2900 Hikes Lane
  • Louisville Fire Dept. Engine Co. #5 - 235 E. Jefferson Street
  • Louisville Fire Dept. Quad Co. #6 - 2620 Frankfort Avenue
  • Fern Creek Firehouse – 7700 Routt Road
  • Middletown Firehouse – 108 Urton Lane
  • Metro Parks - 1297 Trevilian Way
  • Beechmont Community Center - 205 Wellington Avenue
  • Bowman Field Drivers License Branch – 3501 Roger Schupp Street
  • Lyndon Firehouse – 8414 Westport Road
  • Wal-Mart SuperCenter - 3706 Diann Marie Drive (Westport Road at Gene Snyder)

Residents in the Urban Services District may put their Yellow Pages in their curbside recycling bins.

Sponsors of the phone book recycling program include The Kroger Company, Louisville Metro Government, Waste Management of Kentucky, Inc. and AT&T “The Real Yellow Pages.”

For more information, residents may call MetroCall 311 or 574-5000.