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Metro Council approves Redistricting Plan

Thursday October 27, 2011

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Louisville Metro Council
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By a unanimous vote, the Louisville Metro Council has approved a redistricting plan for all 26 Council Districts based on information collected in the 2010 US Census. The plan was recommended for approval by the Ad Hoc Committee on Redistricting who signed off on it this past Monday.

“It was a long process and I believe we have met the requirement to ensure fair representation in Metro Louisville,” says Councilman Rick Blackwell (D-12), who chaired the Ad Hoc Committee. “We were thorough and have taken everything into consideration in this process. The Committee and members of the Council have put politics aside and worked together on this effort.”

The Ad Hoc Committee began its work in February after being created by Metro Council President Jim King (D-10). The Committee began working with Council members during that time. Several regional meetings were held in the months of August and September to get public input.

“The results of the 2010 Census required changes to the borders of each and every district.” says Ken Fleming (R-7), who was vice-chair for the Ad Hoc Committee. “The process, establishing core goals and then following those goals, has resulted in the development of boundaries that have the unanimous support of the council, while also respecting common interests, neighborhoods, suburban cities and geographical similarities.”

The Ad Hoc Committee has maintained several goals in its proposal. There was a target of maintaining of 28,500 people per district, the committee strived to have six minority districts. Another goal was to keep current members of the council in their respective districts while also attempting to draw districts that are contiguous and as compact as possible. All of those goals have been met in the redistricting ordinance.

The redistricting plan has been reviewed by the Jefferson County Attorney’s office to see if it complies with the Federal Voting Rights Act. The report indicates the plan does comply.

“I want to commend the Ad Hoc Committee, and particularly its chair Rick Blackwell, for its work,” says Council President Jim King (D-10). “This is a very important responsibility and I believe the Council and the public have given input to make sure this process is fair and everyone is represented equally in our local government.”

Metro Louisville has seen an increase of over 47,000 in population between 2000 and 2010. This is the first time the districts have been redrawn since the districts were initially created following the approval of merged government by voters in 2000.

To read the ordinance, as well as review the changes proposed to the 26 district, go online to . Then on the left column of the Metro Council home page, click the Redistricting Information link. The Jefferson County Attorney’s report on the Federal Voting Rights Act can also be read online in the same section.

Rich Blackwell (D) 12
Ken Fleming (R) 7
Jim King (D) 10