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Councilman King spearheads new beautification effort in District 10

Wednesday November 8, 2006

Majority Caucus
Louisville Metro Council
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Louisville – Over the past 60 years, retail shopping carts have had a significant impact on our community. A convenience while shopping because they hold multiple items, often times you will see them abandoned and scattered throughout our neighborhoods.

"It becomes a problem, when you see shopping carts abandoned at bus stops and along streets," says Councilman Jim King (D) 10. "But we are trying to correct that problem."

Councilman King, in partnership with Solid Waste Management Services, is spearheading a new beautification effort to collect abandoned shopping carts and sell them back to stores that lost them.

Over the past weekend, 42 shopping carts were collected from along Poplar Level Road, Preston Highway, Bashford Manor Lane, Champions Trace Lane and Bardstown Road.

"We have helped many neighborhood and community groups in efforts to clean up deficiencies in the tenth district," says Councilman King. "Most people see shopping carts abandoned along the streets, and do not know what to do about it."

Councilman King allocated little more than $300 in neighborhood discretionary funds (NDF) to start the project. The funds paid for the labor and trucks used during the cleanup effort.

Collected shopping carts have been taken to the Meriwether facility of Solid Waste Management Services. "We are making arrangements for the stores that own the carts to get them back for a small fee, and hopefully that will pay for the cleanup effort," says Councilman King. "Neatness counts in District 10, and community businesses are going to have to do their part."

Jim King (D) 10