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Majority Caucus reacts to Mayor Fischer's proposed FY 2011-2012 Budget

Thursday May 26, 2011

Following his address to the Louisville Metro Council, members of the Majority Caucus have issued these statements concerning Mayor Fischer’s budget proposal for FY 2011-2012:

“The Metro Council and the Mayor share the same goal of moving Louisville forward in these challenging times. I appreciate the new spirit of cooperation the administration has shown in this process by including the Council in discussions about what can be achieved with the limited resources we have available. The city still has a “structural problem” with its budget, meaning fixed costs such as salaries, pensions and health insurance continue to rise faster than revenue. We are solving the problem for one year, it keeps government operations going but we must take a good hard look at the future. We share that concern with the Mayor. In the coming month, the members of the Budget Committee will begin their review and will work hard to ensure the most effective use of tax dollars to provide services and investment.
President Jim King, District 10

“Metro Louisville is not facing the dire financial problems of other cities but we are not exempt from the effects of a slow recovery. My priority is to maintain public safety with the tax dollars we have available. I looking forward to working with the Fischer Administration and I plan a thorough review of not only our needs for this year but in future years. There are some tough choices ahead. I appreciate the spirit of cooperation the Mayor has shown to the Metro Council in trying to solve these concerns.”
Councilwoman Madonna Flood District 24, Majority Leader

“I am relieved there will be no massive layoffs of city employees. We have very dedicated people who work for Metro Government and they have been struggling like everyone else in this sluggish economy. I look forward to learning more about the Mayor’s plan as my colleagues begin their review.”
Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin, District 2 Vice Chair Majority Caucus

“The Mayor and his team have put together a well rounded budget for the Metro Council to review. I look forward to hearing from the administration and the various departments as we move forward in the budget process.”
Councilwoman Marianne Butler, District 15 Budget Committee Chair

“The Mayor’s approach to this budget is positive and refreshing given the economic challenges we are facing. It is also realistic. I look forward to learning more about the details, especially in the area of economic development and continuing services to the people we serve.”
Councilman David Tandy, District 4

“I am pleased to see the Mayor follow through on his promise of an improved community wide alert system. Public safety is a top priority for all of us on the Metro Council. I see the Mayor’s plan also maintains his goals of job creation and strong economic development. I look forward to learning more about it.”
Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton, District 5

“I’m pleased that Mayor Fischer is committed to ensuring public safety remains a top priority for Metro Government. I also applaud the employees of Metro Government who have graciously accepted furloughs instead of allowing layoffs of fellow employees. Mayor Fischer has involved Metro Council members in the process of creating this budget in an unprecedented fashion which shows there is a new day and a fresh approach toward governing. As a budget committee member, I look forward to the open discussion with the administration on how to improve the quality of life in Louisville.”
Councilman David James, District 6

“Our government like our household can only benefit from a thorough annual review of income and expenditures. It’s the city’s chance to ask what do we need to be doing and why.”
Councilman Tom Owen, District 8

“I appreciate and respect Mayor Fischer’s honesty and candor in describing both where we are and his balanced road map for moving us forward. From announcing new Directors of Innovation, Globalization and Sustainability, to his tough mandates for furloughs for higher salaried employees while calling on all the rest of us, no exceptions, to take voluntary furlough days, to reopening the public libraries on Sundays, I am confident this new beginning has the promise for a vibrant future for Louisville. “
Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh, District 9

“The building of a new Southwest Regional Library has been a top priority for many of us on the Metro Council and I am encouraged to see Mayor Fisher join us in moving forward with that goal. The Mayor’s plan to reopen our libraries on Sundays shows his commitment to improving education for everyone in Metro Louisville which is a commitment I also share.”
Councilman Rick Blackwell, District 12

“I am most appreciative of the Mayor’s commitment to the Library initiatives with finishing touches for the new Fairdale Library and the construction of the SW Regional Library as well as returning to Sunday hours in all libraries. Libraries have become hubs for computer access for those who do not own computers. Many are using them for job searches and writing resume’s in pursuit of employment.”
Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch, District 13

“Without a doubt, I am pleased with the Mayor’s effort for the new Southwest Regional Library. It is long overdue for us out here in Valley Station and th surrounding area. It seems the Mayor is also listening to what the public is saying about government. He appears to have come up with a realistic approach to providing services given these tough economic times.”
Councilman Bob Henderson, District 14

“I applaud the Mayor’ realistic approach to this budget and I look forward to learning more and working with the administration.”
Councilman Dan Johnson, District 21

“Shared sacrifice is not always easy but necessary if we plan to provide the services our people expect. I am also pleased with this investment in education by reopening libraries on Sundays and especially moving forward with the Southwest Regional library which will be a jewel in the south end of Louisville. “
Councilman David Yates, District 25

The Majority Caucus