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Metro Newsroom

Metro Council Court Chair Rules on 3 Procedural Matters

Thursday May 2, 2013

Louisville Metro Council Court
Media Advisory
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TONY HYATT                         
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Rulings on a motion to stay proceedings, extension of the Charging Committees allotted time to investigate and an order scheduling the convening of the Council Court submitted to Metro Council Clerk

Louisville, KY; Metro Council President and Chair of the Metro Council Court Jim King delivered three separate documents to the office of the Metro Council Clerk. The first item delivered was his ruling denying a motion to stay the proceedings as submitted by Mr. Aubrey Williams, legal counsel to Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin. The second item delivered to the Metro Council Clerk was an order granting the five members of the Metro Council’s Charging Committee an additional 30 days to complete their investigation. The third and final order delivered to the clerk sets the date, time and place of the convening meeting of the Metro Council Court. This order sets the first meeting of the court as 4:45 p.m. on Monday, May 20, 2013 in the 3rd Floor Chambers of the Louisville Metro Council (601 W. Jefferson Street). The purpose of that meeting will be to decide on the date in which the charges against Councilwoman Shanklin with be heard by the full court.

A copy of the three items delivered to the Metro Council Court is attached to this release. For additional information on this release please contact: Stephen Haag, Jr. at 574-1204 or via e-mail at