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Speed 'humps' to be installed to slow drivers on Cleveland Boulevard

Monday May 23, 2005

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Nearly five years after a task force was created to develop strategies for slowing drivers on residential streets, a series of speed humps will be installed on Cleveland Boulevard as part of a pilot program to curb speeding.

Construction of the speed calming measures will begin Tuesday morning.

Speeding has consistently been the number one complaint in the former First Ward and now in the Ninth District, according to Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh, who convened the speeding task force in 2000 while serving as First Ward alderwoman. Ward-Pugh will introduce an ordinance at the June 9th Metro Council meeting to fund the $7,000 cost of the humps from the Ninth District's Neighborhood Development Fund.

Ward-Pugh said speeding has topped the list of residents' complaints since at least 1993, when she began working with the then-first ward alderman.

The speeding task force, comprised of residents, police and traffic engineers, identified three areas on which to focus: education, enforcement, and engineering.

Ward-Pugh said progress has been made in two of the three areas - education and enforcement. The speed humps, she said, represent an attempt to engineer physical characteristics in the road to slow drivers.

The speed humps are unlike speed bumps, in that they are a gradual and longer lasting rise in the road, allowing the vehicle to level off before returning to street level. The humps will be spaced along the road to ensure drivers don't speed up once they've passed one of the humps.

Ward-Pugh said Cleveland Boulevard was selected for the pilot program because the street has the longest history of chronic speeding problems.

Department of Public Works will monitor speeding on the road for the next nine months to determine the speed humps' effectiveness in a variety of weather and school conditions.

"My hope is that these speed humps will be successful in order to replicate them on many other streets in the Ninth District and throughout the city that have chronic speeding problems," Ward-Pugh said.


Tina Ward-Pugh (D)  9