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Metro Council approves ordinance designed to clarify new Animal Control law

Thursday April 5, 2007

Louisville Metro Council
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By a vote of 13 to 11, the Metro Council on Thursday night approved an ordinance designed to clarify the city’s new Animal Control law.

“We have found the need for some clarifications with regard to the authority of the Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center when it comes to various shows involving animals,” said Metro Council President Rick Blackwell (D) 12. “We also want to address the concerns of those animal owners in Jefferson County who chose to keep their pets unaltered.”

The ordinance clarifies what would be considered livestock under Kentucky Revised Statutes. The provision also states that anyone living in Jefferson County who has properly licensed an unaltered animal would not be subject to spay and neutering if the animal were to get out and was impounded by Louisville Metro Animal Services.

Further, visitors to Jefferson County not required to license their dog will be exempt from the altering requirements.

“We promised at the time the law was passed, we would be open for review if there were changes needed to clear up any confusion about the law,” said Majority Leader Jim King (D) 10. “There are some economic concerns that we believe need some attention.”

King is a cosponsor of the ordinance.

The provision also covers concerns about Churchill Downs. It further clarifies that state law supersedes local law with regard to animals and livestock.

“There are other considerations, technical changes, that are being reviewed,” said Blackwell. “When those are ready for committee consideration, they will be brought forward.”

Here are key highlights of the clarifications:

· Dogs that are validly licensed or are not required to be licensed as unaltered will not be spayed or neutered if they get loose and are picked up by an Animal Services officer.

· Non-residents of Jefferson County will not be required to buy pet licenses, as long as their animals are not kept in Jefferson County for more than 30 days and are under restraint.

· All property under control of the State Fair Board will be exempt from the ordinance.

· Facilities licensed by the Kentucky Horse Racing Authority will be exempt from the ordinance.

· Under the definition of Livestock under Section 91.001 the word “lagomorph” which is the technical name for “rabbit” is added.

· Unaltered dog, cat or ferret licenses have been amended from $45.00 to $35.00

· An unaltered dog permit has been amended from $100.00 to $50.00

Rick Blackwell (D) 12
Jim King (D) 10
Tina Ward-Pugh (D) 9
VIcki Aubrey Welch (D) 13