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Councilman Tandy kicks off alley initiative in the Russell Neighborhood

Tuesday August 8, 2006

Majority Caucus
Louisville Metro Council
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Louisville – Right next to 2008 West Chestnut Street, there is an alley. The problem is the alley is hard to find because of neglect, overgrown weeds, trees and trash..

“People come through here and think they can dump anything because this alley is a mess,” observed Reggie Powers owner of 2008 West Chestnut Street.

But that will soon change. The alley is getting a makeover.

“How did we allow our neighborhoods to get in this condition,” said Councilman David Tandy (D) 4. “It is time for us, government and residents to step up.”

On Tuesday, Tandy announced two new initiatives to clean up targeted alleys in the downtown area. Joining him in the announcement, was the Fourth District Clean Team a partnership with the Presbyterian Community Center and Meyzeek Middle School.

“This is a group of committed teenagers who have dedicated some of their summer to cleaning up around the Fourth District.

Tandy’s program calls for not only the Clean Team’s help but an initiative, working with residents to clean up alleys of trash and weeds.

$50,000 dollars has been set aside in District 4 funds to have alleys cleaned and repaved. Another $60,000 will be appropriated to have new trash receptacles Placed through out the district.

“In many places in this community, overgrown trees and shrubs in the alleyways serve as cover for drug dealers to make transactions and prevent emergency personnel from reaching a destination safely,” said Tandy .”This initiative is a first step for all of us to take pride in our community.”

The idea brought a smile to Reggie Powers face. “I am glad to see this effort,” he said.

            Here is a list of other targeted alleys set for clean up:

1)      running East-West from Dixie Highway to 26th Street between Grand Ave and Osage Avenue

2)      Alley running East-West from Shelby to Jackson between E Oak and E St Catherine

3)      Alley running East-West from Shelby to Preston between Camp Street & Ormsby Avenue

4)      Alley running East-West from Rubel Ave to Barret Avenue between Christy and Breckinridge

5)      Alley running East-West from 18th to 22nd Streets between W Chestnut and Madison

6)      Alley running Alley running North-South from to Magazine Street to Jefferson Street between 20th and 21st Streets

7)      Alley East-West from 18th to 26th Streets between Grand Ave and Greenwood Ave

8)      Alley running  East-West from 18th to 26th Streets between W Kentucky and Date Streets

9)      Congress Alley from 15th to 22nd Streets

10)  Alley running East-West from N Shelby to Buchanan between Washington and Franklin

David Tandy (D) 4