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Metro Council Passes Fiscal Year 2007 Budgets

Friday June 23, 2006

Louisville Metro Council
Media Advisory
Media Contacts:
Stephen Haag, Jr.  
Minority Caucus                           
574-1204 / 645-1752 (cell)
Tony Hyatt
Majority Caucus
574-4137/ 526-3622 (cell)

The Louisville Metro Fiscal Year 2007 Operating and Capital Budgets were passed by a vote of 25-1 and 25-1. The Metro Budget, which takes effect July 1, 2006, comprises a $735 million dollars in revenue and expenses. The FY2007 Budget ordinances were passed out of committee after four hours of discussion as a compromise was reached between councilmembers regarding additional community projects and a proposal to separate funds that are to be bonded later this year.

“The Metro Council has listened to testimony, reviewed requests and discussed our ideas and concerns for our community. After more than 50 hours of hearings and negotiations we have come together to pass a budget that will continue to move our community forward,” said Metro Council President Kevin Kramer (District 11). “I would like to thank all of the councilmembers and council staff who have been involved in this process – particularly Budget Chair Rick Blackwell, Vice Chair Hal Heiner, Majority Caucus Chair Jim King and Minority Caucus Chair Robin Engel who helped to set the tone for this effort,” said Metro Council President Kevin Kramer.

List of Highlighted Projects added by the Metro Council:

$450,000 - Fixing various intersections through roads/intersection improvements - reducing air pollution and traffic congestion.

$500,000 - Improvements to entrances for Joe Creason Park and the Louisville Zoo.

$150,000 -  Funding for Shelbyville Road Beautification/Safety Project. Project will receive $1,000,000 in matching State and Federal funds.

$100,000 - Animal Services: 4 additional animal control officers.

$75,000 - Funding for the Louisville Orchestra.

$120,000 - Funding for a railroad quiet zone along LaGrange Road.

$100,000 - For alley clean-up and improvement through matching council funds.

$855,00 - For projects in Hounz Lane Park, Okolona Park, Floyds Fork Park, Sun Valley Park, Waverly Park, McNeely Park, Fern Creek Park, Petersburg Park, Riverview Park, Emerson Gardens and others.

The FY2007 Budget was led by Councilman Rick Blackwell (District 12). Councilman Blackwell chaired the first Metro Council budget hearings and presently serves as chair of the Budget Committee. “This budget process has been a good one,” said Blackwell. “We have worked well as Democrats and Republicans and have done a good job of reviewing spending priorities and resources”. The council began its review of the FY2007 Budget in late May, reviewing the budgets of each of Metro governments seven cabinets. “The progress made in this budget paves the way for greater cooperation among the council as we try to address the issues of crime and economic growth within our community,” said Budget Vice-Chairman Hal Heiner (District 19).

Unlike the previous year this budget process saw unprecedented cooperation between Council people as the budget was crafted. Majority Caucus Chair Jim King (District 10) stated, “I think the Mayor should be commended for his leadership with this budget. This budget sets the right priorities for Metro Louisville, especially in the area of public safety which is a concern shared by all on the council.” Minority Caucus Chairman Robin Engel (District 22) said, “I am proud to have been part of this bi-partisan effort. It has been refreshing to have the council come together as we addressed many of the infrastructure problems facing residents of Louisville.” The FY2007 Operating and Capital Budgets take effect July 1, 2006.

Jim King (D) 10
Rick Blackwell (D) 12
Hal Heiner (R) 19
Robin Engel (R) 22