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Iroquois Park Corridor Economic Feasibility Study moves forward after approval by Metro Council

Thursday April 5, 2012

For Immediate Release:
Majority Caucus
Louisville Metro Council
Contact: Tony Hyatt 574-4137/526-3622

The Louisville Metro Council has approved funding for an important feasibility study designed to impact the economic development potential along the Iroquois Park corridor.

“This important study will determine what conditions are needed to bring new business to this corridor while at the same give us a sense of what all is involved in making sure those businesses and neighborhoods are compatible,” says Councilman Rick Blackwell (D-12).

Blackwell and Council members Marianne Butler (D-15), Dan Johnson (D-21) , Vicki Aubrey Welch (D-13) and David Yates (D-25) have pooled $14,000 from their respective Neighborhood Development Funds for the Southwest Dream Team to commission the feasibility study.

“Our goal is to see which direction we need to move in to help grow jobs in this area,” says Johnson. “This study can be a roadmap for all parties to follow.”

Iroquois Park has seen major improvements over the last several years with a new splash park, renovations to the Amphitheater, renovation of the Sunny Hill Pavilion and a newly paved road to the top of the park. Many of the improvements were funded by Council member NDF and CIF Funds. They believe the Park has already sparked renewed public interest which can be expanded with the study.

“Many in south and southwest Louisville are rediscovering the beauty and accessibility of Iroquois Park,” says Butler. “This study will help us build on what we have witnessed in the growing numbers of people who are making this area part of their lifestyle.”

The Southwest Dream team was formed in 2008 with the focus of attracting quality businesses and employers to southwest Louisville. The group has had a major impact on how economic development is promoted along the Dixie Highway Corridor.

“We view this as a realistic approach to economic development in an established area,” says Welch. “This study will show us what is needed and achievable for small businesses, restaurants and entertainment while at the same time respecting the neighborhoods in the area.”

The study may also give insight into how to maintain a balance between old and new when it comes to preservation and economic development.

“For years, the Colonial Gardens property has been the subject of controversy and debate,“ says Yates. “I have a genuine interest in seeing what can be done to make it and other buildings like it functional and an enhancement to a neighborhood.”

Rick Blackwell (D) 12
Vicki Aubrey Welch (D) 13
MArianne Butler (D) 15
Dan Johnson (D) 21
David Yates (D) 25