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Councilman Jim King elected President of the Metro Council for 2011

Thursday January 6, 2011

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Louisville Metro Council
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By a unanimous vote of 26 to 0, Councilman Jim King (D-10) was elected President of the Louisville Metro Council during its first meeting of 2011 on Thursday, January 6th.

“As the chief executive officer of the council I promise each of you that I will do all I can to serve you and our city in a manner that enhances the respect our community holds for our body.” said King who follows Tom Owen (D-8) as President. “I think 2011 will be an exciting and challenging year, maybe more so than in any previous year of our new city. It will be a year of firsts.”

The new President cited redistricting of the 26 Metro Council district as one of his top priorities for the coming year based on the 2010 US Census. He has also cited moving forward on the Southwest and Southeast Regional Libraries as well as reviewing the possibility of expanding some services outside the Urban Services District.

“You know, the idea of merger was all about how we can things better as a city but we still have yet to realize the full potential of merger. The mayor’s appointment of a task force to study merger 2.0 is an important step in assessing how we can achieve that potential,” said King.

A renewed focus on crime is also a consideration for King.

“Parts of West Louisville and South Louisville suffer from crime and blight that would not be tolerated in east and northeast metro. We can't be one city if we don't get to the root of those problems,” King told the Council.

King is the first member of the Metro Council to twice be elected President. He first elected to the position in 2008. Prior to that, he served two years as majority leader of the Democratic Caucus. In 2009 and 2010, he was Chairman of the Council’s Budget Committee. King was elected to the Metro Council in 2004.

Kathleen Herron was elected Metro Council Clerk by a unanimous vote of 26 to 0. She has held that position since the first Metro Council went into operation in 2003.

“This past decade, with your help, we created a new city. As we begin our next decade, I look forward to working with each of you to create an even better city that realizes the promise of merger and allows our citizens to reach their collective and individual potential,” said the new President.

Jim KIng (D) 10