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EMS News 2010

Wednesday June 9, 2010

EMS Honors 12 Employees with Annual Awards
Each day paramedics and emergency medical technicians rush from place to place trying to address the emergency needs of patients throughout Jefferson County.
Read more from the Courier-Journal.

June 1st, 2010
911 Program Could Ease Emergency Room Problems
Hoping to ease crowded emergency rooms and trim ambulance runs, Louisville Metro Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has launched a program that aims to screen low-priority calls and divert patients from hospitals into more appropriate health care.
Read more from USA Today.

April 26, 2010
Stimulus money helps train EMTs through Louisville Metro Community Action Partnership
Participants will finish their training to become a licensed emergency medical technician, or EMT, thanks to a program funded by federal stimulus money through the Louisville Metro Community Action Partnership.
Read more from the Courier-Journal.

April 23, 2010
LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - We always hear that stimulus dollars are helping put people back to work in this country, but we wanted to see an example of how that money is being used and if it's working here in Louisville. Many times, stimulus money helps by creating infrastructure jobs like temporary positions in road work and construction. But we found out the money is also being used to help people accomplish some big goals - goals they say wouldn't be possible without those extra dollars.
Read more from Wave 3.

April 18th, 2010
EMS System To Shift Low-Priority Calls
Hoping to ease overcrowded emergency rooms and trim ambulance runs, Louisville Metro EMS is launching a program to screen low-priority 911 calls and divert some patients from hospitals to more appropriate care.
Read more from the Courier-Journal.

February 7, 2010
First Responders Train for Radioactive Cases Louisville-area police officers and firefighters, Kentucky Air National Guard members and other public safety workers donned protective gear Sunday to practice handling and disposing of radioactive materials.
Read more from the Courier-Journal.

December 9, 2009
Bluecoats luncheon honors public safety workers
More than 20 public safety workers were honored Wednesday during the annual BlueCoats luncheon, most of them for their response to a July house fire that killed six people.
Read more from the Courier-Journal.

October 5, 2009
Bellarmine University Student Group Will Provide Emergency Services at Campus Events
Bellarmine University and Louisville Metro EMS announced today the creation of the new Bellarmine Emergency Response Team, known as BERT, a team of specially trained student emergency medical responders for the university campus.

Read more from Press Release.

September 29, 2009
Middle Schoolers Get CPR Training
Beginning this week, about 1,400 Jefferson County seventh-graders at six schools will get a one-time, 20-minute CPR training. They'll be able to take home a kit that includes an inflatable practice dummy, a booklet and an instructional DVD to teach parents and neighbors.
Read more from the Courier-Journal.

September 29, 2009
American Heart Association, Louisville Metro EMS and JCPS groundbreaking new CPR training program for students
Representatives of the American Heart Association, the Jefferson County Public Schools, and Louisville Metro launched the program with a news conference at the school.
Read more from Press Release.

June 14, 2009
American Heart Association Honors EMS for Heart Attack Care Intiative
The Louisville chapter of the American Heart Association honored Louisville Metro EMS at their annual awards ceremony today, citing the program’s new heart attack care partnership as a crucial link in improving patient care.
Read more from Press Release.

June 5, 2009
GPS Should Speed EMS Response
System Shows Exact Ambulance Locations
Ambulance response times should get shorter now that a new global-positioning system has been put in place, making it easier for Louisville metro emergency dispatchers tosend the closest ambulance to a medical emergency.
Read more from the Courier-Journal.

June 4, 2009
Praise and Awards Are Heaped Upon EMS Workers
Outstanding paramedics, EMTs and other EMS employees were lauded for their service at last night's annual Louisville EMS Awards Banquet.
Read more from the Courier-Journal.

May 22, 2009
Initiative Targets Faster Treatment for Heart Attacks
Every day, emergency medical workers make multiple runs to people who are having heart attacks.
Read more from the Courier-Journal.

May 21, 2009
Louisville Metro EMS Builds Hospital Network to Speed Heart Attack Care
Goal: reduce time-to-treatment to save lives, heart muscle
Every minute of a heart attack is critical, with blocked coronary arteries preventing blood from reaching oxygen-starved heart muscle.
Read more from STEMI Press Release

February 14, 2009
EMS Studies Triage for 911 Calls
Across the country, hospital emergency rooms and emergency medical responders find themselves overwhelmed with patients.
Read more from the Courier-Journal.

February 10, 2009
Metro EMS Adds Device to Aid Cardiac Patients
In an effort to enhance cardiac care, Louisville Metro EMS has rolled out a device aimed at improving the effectiveness of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Read more from the Courier-Journal.

December 11, 2008
Bluecoats of Louisville Honor First Responders
A nonprofit, public-safety support organization yesterday honored Louisville Metro Police, Fire & Rescue and Emergency Medical Services personnel for efforts above and beyond the call of duty.
Read more from the Courier-Journal.

December 11, 2008
Could You Give CPR?
Deneen Cooper knows what it's like to feel Helpless in an emergency situation. When her grandfather had a heart attack at home several years ago, she was just two minutes away, but there was nothing she could do but wait for emergency personnel.
Read more from the Courier-Journal.

October 20, 2008
Drill Hall Named for Navy Corpsman Killed in Iraq
Jeffrey Wiener was an emergency medical technician in New York when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, killing thousands and shocking the nation. Read more from the Courier-Journal.

September 15, 2008
EMS Busy; Hospitals Lose Power
Several hospitals in the area lost power during the storm and were forced to go to backup generators, Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson said, but none were forced to evacuate. Read more from the Courier-Journal.

June 20, 2008
Rotary Club Honors First Responders for their Contributions to Louisville
The Rotary Club of Louisville yesterday honored representatives of Louisville's three main public safety agencies for their contributions to the community.
Read more from the Courier-Journal.

June 6, 2008
Louisville hospitals Use New System to Save Lives - It Gives Doctors a Head Start on Angioplasty
Starting July 1, Louisville Metro EMS ambulance crews will be able to transmit a patient's electrocardiogram to three Norton Healthcare hospitals, allowing doctors to determine immediately whether a heart attack is occurring. Baptist Hospital East recently started a similar service.
Read more from the Courier-Journal.

June 4, 2008
Parents Teachers Learning CPR Students Are Next
CPR Anytime is a kit, complete with an inflatable practice dummy and an instructional DVD, that teaches people the basics of CPR.
Read more from the Courier-Journal.

April 3, 2008
EMS Updating Cardiac Arrest Protocol
For years when paramedic Joe Hamilton found a patient was in cardiac arrest, he quickly used a defibrillator to shock the patient's heart. Read more from the Courier-Journal.

April 2, 2008
EMS Using Computer System
Sometimes in the rush of getting patients cared for and to the hospital, paperwork filled out by Louisville Metro Emergency Medical Services staff ends up hard to read or lost in the shuffle. Read more from Courier-Journal.

December 27, 2007
EMS Workers Get Chance to be Paramedics
An EMS training program, launched in 2006, is now seeing its first graduates. Read more from The Courier-Journal.

December 13, 2007
Group Honors 5 EMS Workers for Saving Two at Senior Games
Five men and women are honored for saving two participants during the National Senior Games held in Louisville. Read more from The Courier-Journal.

August 11, 2007
Louisville Buys Portable Field-style Hospital
When it's deflated and stored, it's a block 6½ feet long by 3 feet square. But seven minutes later, when fully inflated by a small pump, it's an 850-square-foot, field-style hospital made of neoprene rubber that can accommodate up to 20 stretchers. Read more from The Courier-Journal.

June 28, 2007
Louisville Passes a Real-life Test in Cardiac Arrest Preparedness (USA Today)
LOUISVILLE — The near deaths — and miraculous saves — of two athletes at the National Senior Games has focused attention on what cities do to protect people who gather in large numbers. Read more from USA Today.

June 27, 2007
EMS Plan Saves Second Man in Senior Games
"If what happened happened any place else, I probably wouldn't be alive today," Meyer, 64, said yesterday from his bed in the intensive care unit at Norton Audubon Hospital. Read more from The Courier-Journal.

June 26, 2007
EMS Plan Saves Senior Tennis Player
Read about LMEMS' plans to provide emergency medical coverage for the U.S. Senior Games -- and the life-saving effect those plans had on one lucky recipient. Read more from The Courier-Journal.

June 6, 2007
New Life for Old EMS Vehicles
Read the June 6 Courier-Journal article on the 3 Metro EMS ambulances sent to Guatemala.
Read more from The Courier-Journal.

May 30, 2007
EMS Workers Honored for their Special Efforts
Read the May 25 Courier-Journal article (PDF)on the Metro EMS award winners.

May 29, 2007
EMTs Find Breathing Tool a Life Saver
In the past, EMTs were limited in how they could help patients breathe when they were in cardiac arrest. Paramedics with special training, can intubate patients, which involves inserting a tube to allow a pathway directly to the lungs. Courier-Journal article(PDF).

May 13, 2007
"Software to Help Dispatchers Direct Ambulances"
Courier-Journal story featuring new dispatch software now being used by EMS. Read more (PDF). 

January 2007
"The Protocol Process": EMS Magazine Article featuring Louisville Metro EMS. Read more (PDF).

August 2006
"Louisville Slugger, One City's Miraculous EMS Transformation": JEMS Magazine Article featuring Louisville Metro EMS. Read more (PDF).

"Model Community":
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention selects Louisville Metro EMS as a practice model to work with other safety and public health agencies in times of disaster. Read more (PDF).