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Findings and Order Filed in Green Removal Hearing

Thursday September 22, 2011

Louisville Metro Council Court
Media Advisory
DATE:   SEPTEMBER 22, 2011
574-1204 / 645-1752

Louisville, KY; Metro Council Court Chair Kelly Downard, in accordance with Rule 17(c) of the Louisville Metro Council Court Removal Hearing Rules and Procedures, has filed the final “Findings and Order” regarding the complaints filed against Dr. Judith Green. The “Findings and Order” have been given to the office of the Metro Council Court Clerk, who will notify representatives from the Respondent, Charging Committee, Metro Council President and the office of the Secretary of State for the Commonwealth that the final “Findings and Order” have been delivered.

The filing of the final “Findings and Order” makes the actions by the Metro Council Court to remove, then District 1 Councilwoman Judith Green, effective immediately. A copy of the final “Findings and Order” is attached to this release, as well as a copy of Rule 17(c) of the Metro Council Court.

The Following is an excerpt from the Findings and Order Submitted by Metro Council Court Chair Kelly Downard.

“In accordance with the Findings of Fact and Conclusion herein above, and pursuant to KRS. 67C.143, and being otherwise sufficiently advised, it is hereby ORDERED that Dr. Judith Green be removed forthwith as District One (1) Councilperson to the Louisville Metro Council. This is a final and appealable order, and there is no just cause for delay.”

The filing of the “Findings and Order” concludes the work of the Metro Council Court. For more information on this release or matters regarding the Metro Council Court, please contact, Mr. Stephen Haag, Jr. at 574-1204 or via e-mail at

Kelly Downard (R) 16