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Council members urge mayor to honor police contract Letter of support sent for police health care

Monday November 17, 2003

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Patrick H. Neely

Twenty council members sent a letter to Mayor Jerry Abramson today urging him to honor the Louisville Metro Police contract.

“We believe that a forced change in insurance plans is a breach of the contract – a contract that was signed just four months ago,” said Councilwoman Denise Bentley, D-1. “It is amazing to me that the mayor would attempt to breach a contract. And it is amazing that the mayor believes this is an acceptable way to treat people who lay their lives on the line for this community.”

The bipartisan letter called for the mayor to immediately reinstate the two insurance plans and continue them through the end of the contract, which expires June 30.

“This government must stand by its obligations and honor its word,” said Councilman Kelly Downard, R-16. “Whether we’re signing a union contract or an economic development deal, we must set a high standard of honest and ethical dealing. The taxpayers, workers and employers in this community must believe that when we give our word or when we sign an agreement, we will live up to that agreement.”

The council members who signed the letter believe that canceling the two health plans is a breach of contract for two reasons: 1. The FOP contract identifies the two health insurance plans, which Abramson has decided to discontinue; and 2. Article 24, Section 3 of the contract guarantees FOP members access to those health plans.

“If Metro Government follows through on this breach of contract, then what next?” said Councilman George Melton, D-15, who is a retired police officer. “How will anyone have confidence that we will follow through on our word?”

Councilwoman Ellen Call, R-26, also expressed concern.

“The police protect and serve this community – without regard to their safety,” Call said. “We depend on them, and we must send a clear signal that the police can depend on us to keep our word.”

The following council members sent the letter to the mayor: Denise Bentley, D-1; Barbara Shanklin, D-2; George Unseld, D-6; Ken Fleming, R-7; Tom Owen, D-8; Tina Ward-Pugh, D-9; Cyril Allgeier, D-10; Kevin Kramer, R-11; Bob Henderson, D-14; George Melton, D-15; Kelly Downard, R-16; Glen Stuckel, R-17; Julie Raque Adams, R-18; Hal Heiner, R-19; Stuart Benson, R-20; Dan Johnson, D-21; Robin Engel, R-22; James Peden, R-23; Doug Hawkins, R-25; and Ellen Call, R-26.


Julie Raque Adams (R)  18
Cyril Allgeier (D)  10
Stuart Benson (R)  20
Denise Bentley (D)  1
Ellen Call (R)  26
Kelly Downard (R)  16
Robin Engel (R)  22
Kenneth C. Fleming (R)  7
Doug Hawkins (R)  25
Hal Heiner (R)  19
Robert Henderson (D)  14
Dan Johnson (D)  21
Kevin Kramer (R)  11
George Melton (D)  15
Tom Owen (D)  8
James Peden (R)  23
Barbara Shanklin (D)  2
Glen Stuckel (R)  17
George Unseld (D)  6
Tina Ward-Pugh (D)  9