OFW Wants You

About Getting Involved
The Office for Women provides this service as a way to give those looking to contribute a place to start. We recommend that you check out any organization before making a donation of any kind. One place you can do this is through the Better Business Bureau.

We provide information for you to get involved in community activities.  There are workshops that you can attend or numerous organizations that you can help by volunteering or participating in activities.

A list of Women's Clubs and Service Organizations which are available for your involvement.  Our Conversation Cafes provide more workshops and information about women's health and entrepreneurship.

There are more resource organizations which can assist you or may offer volunteers volunteer opportunities under Announcements.

If you would like to volunteer for the Louisville Metro Office For Women please click to find out more information, which can also be found on our home page.

Sites below provide organizations needing volunteers or having events to participate in.

Workshops for Women
 provides a schedule of a variety of events
Women's Clubs is a list of Women's organizations
Conversation Cafes provides workshop information
Announcements lists organizations that need participants or volunteers