Domestic Violence Hearings

What will happen at the hearing?

You and your abuser must be present at the DVO hearing. If you do not attend the hearing, your EPO may be invalidated.

At the hearing you should tell the judge that you want the court’s protection and specify whether you want no contact with the abuser or lawful contact only (no abuse). If you are granted a DVO, you can receive the same protection given to you by the EPO. You may also ask the judge to include temporary child support and other orders that you think will protect you in your specific case.

What to bring to the hearing

-Pictures of bruises or injuries caused by the abuse.

-If you do not have pictures bring people who can witness to having seen the injuries.

-If you went to the hospital or saw a doctor because of injuries caused by the abuse, bring medical records of those visits.

-Any witnesses to the abuse.

-Any threatening voicemails, voice recordings, or messages from the abuser.

-A detailed list of domestic violence occurences, including dates, times, and name of witnesses.

-A copy of the EPO Checklist to help you remember what to tell the judge.

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EPO Checklist :  What you should  prepared to tell the judge

Specifically describe any past abuse and current abusive and threatening behavior of the abuser.

qHas the abuser caused physical harm to you or threatened to hit, kill, or injure you in any other way?

qHas the abuser forced you to perform unwanted sexual acts?

qAre you afraid of the abuser and what he or she may do to you?

qHas the abuser threatened to harm your children or pets or made threats to kidnap your children?

qDoes the abuser refuse to let you leave the house or see family and friends?

qDoes the abuser follow you to work or constantly call and/or text to find out where you are and who you are with?

qDoes the abuser refuse you access to money, bank accounts, and important financial documents?

qDoes the abuser use alcohol or drugs?

qDoes the abuser have  access to firearms: how many, what kinds, and locations?