Women & Economic Security

Improving the economic well-being of women is a focus area within the mission of Office For Women.

Why focus on women's economic well-being and security?

As the primary caretakers of children and older parents, women have specific financial concerns.  These concerns must often be addressed with earnings, pensions and Social Security benefits based on wages equal to $16,000 less than the median income for men - or by finding a way to close the wage gap. 

Improving the economic well-being of women improves the economic well-being of our community and the ability of women: 
  • To make decisions to improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and their community;
  • To be independent and have more security in other area of their lives.
To improve the economic well-being of women, OFW supports initiatives to empower women such as:
  • Financial education 
  • Bank On Louisville. Bank On Louisville is a program to serve the "unbanked" and "under-banked," those who live without access to mainstream financial institutions and are forced to rely on expensive check-cashing services. Visit Bank On Louisville to find out more.
  • Initiatives supporting women entrepreneurs
Women are increasingly drawn to owning their own businesses as a way to manage careers and create a work life balance.  Through collaborative partnerships, OFW helps connect women to resources designed for business and professional women planning to start their own business, and for current established Women's Business Owners.  


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