Voter Information

To locate your voter precinct and polling location:

1. Click on this link:
Voter Connection

2.  Enter the street address of your home

3. Click the "go" button.

4. Your precinct, state and local legislative representatives, will appear.

5. Click on "Where to vote"(in red font).

You will be taken to another site where you can choose to verify your voter registration, see the location where you vote in your precinct, and when available, a sample ballot.

What is on the Ballot?
(From the map, click "Back" to return to the page with your precinct number and voting/polling location.) 

Below the link View Polling Location Map is the heading General Election Sample Ballots, followed by link "Front" and "Back." 

Click on "Front" to see the front of the Sample Ballot, and then click on "Back" to see the back of the Sample Ballot.

Remember to bring proper identification
when  you vote!