As Director of the Louisville Metro Office for Women, I am proud to share with you our electronic newsletter, “OFW eNews”.

With each issue our goal is to share information that enlightens our readers of the status of women and girls in our community by focusing on issues or specific populations. I want to open up the lines of communication so that we can learn what is important to you as well. I hope that you will find it informative and encourage you to pass along any suggestions or comments you would like to make.

Chris Owens, MEDC

Director - Office For Women

The OFW e-NEWS is an electronic newsletter published by Office For Women and posted as a pdf file.

56th Edition
April 15, 2014
Denim Day!
57th Edition
May 6, 2014
Women's Health Fair
58th Edition
Special Events & Activities
59th Edition Spotlight on Domestic Violence
Training: 9/26/2014
52nd Edition
Dec 19, 2013
Holiday Shopping & Volunteer News
53rd Edition
February 2014
Women's Summit & Dating Violence Awareness
54th Edition
February 28, 2014
Women's Summit
& Awareness Months
55th Edition
March 2014
Volunteering, CWF Temporary Relocation, KCW's Big News
48th Edition
September 19, 2013
CIVIC Workshop &
Foster Care Review Board
49th Edition
October 22, 2013
DV Awareness & Thanks to Interns
50th Edition
October 31, 2013
DV Awarens & Community Resources
51st Edition
November 14, 2013
Diabetes Awareness & What is PEACC?
44th Edition
March 12, 2013
Women's History Month-Denim Day
45th Edition
March 28, 2013
Denim Day Photos
Next:Equal Pay Day
46th Edition
April 23, 2013
Women's Health Fair News
47th Edition
Women's Health Fair Exhibitors - May 13th
40th Edition
January 18, 2013
Observances & Safe Families
41st Edition
January 31, 2013
Go Red for Women!
42nd Edition
February 14, 2013
Have Heart!
43rd Edition
February 27, 2013
VAWA Passes & Prepare for Int'l Women's Day
36th Edition
Dec 13, 2013
Happy Holidays
37th Edition
Dec 21, 2012
Status of L'ville Women
38th Edition
Dec 28, 2102
The Final 2012 Reports on Women
39th Edition
Jan 10, 2013
Observances & Getting Beauty Rest
32nd Edition
Sept 21, 2012
Voter Information
33rd Edition
October 5, 2012
October Observances
34th Edition
October 19, 2012
Program Launched to Reduce Fatalities
35th Edition
Nov 2, 2012
It Isn’t Enough To Show Up: Be Prepared to Vote
28th Edition
August 16, 2012
Women's Summit & Welcome Director Peck
29th Edition
It's All About Equal Voices: 2012 Women's Summit
30th Edition
August 24, 2012 Women's Equality
31st Edition
Equal Voices workshop Schedule
24th Edition
May 25, 2012
Community News & VAWA
25th Edition
June 1, 2012
Cancer Survivors Day & CIVIC
26th Edition
June 6, 2012
Last Call from Army of Women for Louisville
27th Edition
June 15, 2012
Louisville - You WOW'd Them!
20th Edition
March 29, 2012
21st Edition
April 5, 2012
22nd Edition
April 12, 2012
23rd Edition
April 23, 2012
16th Edition
February 17, 2012
17th Edition
February 23, 2012
18th Edition
March 2, 2012
19th Edition
2012 Women's
History Month
12th Edition
Fall 2011
13th Edition
December 2011
14th Edition
January 12, 2012
15th Edition
January 27, 2012
8th Edition
Spring 2010

9th Edition
Women's Health
May 2010
10th Edition
Votes For Women
July 2010
11th Edition
Fall 2010
4th Edition 20095th Edition 20096th Edition 20097th Edition
Winter 2009
1st Edition 2008 2nd Edition 20083rd Edition 2008