Safe Havens Program

Louisville Metro
Visitation and Exchange Center


The Louisville Metro Visitation and  Exchange Center offers supervised visitation and exchange services for families with a history or potential for domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault or stalking.

The program is designed so there is no contact between parents during visits and exchanges, and therefore enables No Contact and Domestic Violence Orders to remain in effect.  All adult parties are required to attend an intake appointment and complete  necessary  paperwork prior to scheduling visits or exchanges.  All children must complete a site visit prior to beginning visits or exchanges.

Scheduling of visits is dependent on the completion of the intake by both parties involved and the availability of time, space and staff.  At times, there may be a waiting list.

Reports are made of staff observations during visits or exchanges and documentation of completed or incomplete visits or exchanges.  No recommendations are made to the Courts.

Security is on site during all hours of operation.  Parents are given staggered arrival and departure times. The program maintains regular contact with the Court.

Collaborative Partners



q       The Center for Women and Families

q       Family & Children's Place

q       Home of the Innocents

q       Jefferson Circuit Court, Family Division

q       Jefferson County Domestic Violence Intake Center


q       Jefferson County District Court

q       Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

q       Louisville Metro Office For Women

q       Louisville Metro Police Department 

Louisville Metro Visitation & Exchange Center

The Visitation Center at Family & Children's Place
  provides a safe, nurturing environment for children to visit with their nonresidential parent.  Located in a residential area of Louisville, the Center includes child-friendly visitation rooms, two outdoor fenced play areas and family-friendly waiting rooms.

The Safe Exchange Center at Home of the Innocents provides a safe place for the exchange of children between parents for unsupervised visitation. Centrally located in downtown Louisville, the program provides security and consistency to families executing court ordered visitation schedules.


1. Children must be in the custody of one or both of their parents and visiting a parent. We can not accept foster or kinship care cases.


2. Families must have a history or potential for domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, or stalking.

This program is supported by Grant No. 2009-CW-AX-K005, awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice to Louisville Metro Office For Women in the Department of Community Services and Revitalization.

To Inquire About Services: 
Phone: 502.574.5360