Our 1st Women

The 1st Edition of the the OFW Newsletter,The Scoop, featured an article on "Louisville Metro Women Who Were First". Twenty women who broke societal barriers in Louisville, KY were listed along with their respective accomplishments. To view the original article click here.
In addition to the article, OFW has provided the "Louisville Metro Women Who Were First List" of many other women who shared the revered accomplishment of being first. With your mouse, hover over the woman's name you are interested in to see what they were first to accomplish. Or, click on the link to see the list in whole document format. We've compiled this list from several other sources including previous lists. We welcome any feedback on future additions and or corrections to the list.


Elmer Lucille Allen Bessie Dortch Mack
Lillian Anthony Judge Janice Reed Martin
Gerta Bendl Dr. Renee Campbell Mapp
Nelda Barton-Collings Tori Murden McClure
Lori Beavin Paula McCraney
Fay Booth Mary Garretson Miller
Caroline B. Bourgard Emma L. Minnis
Anne Braden Elaine “Cissy” Musselman
Emma Ratterman Branch Dr. Celeste Nichols
May Howell Briscoe Anne Northup
Barbara Brown Merrily Orsini
Kim Burse Katie Peden
Gladys Carter Suzy Post
Elaine Chao Georgia Powers
Mrs. J. R. Clark Dottie Priddy
Judge Denise Clayton Louise Reynolds
Martha Layne Collins Sadiqa Reynolds
Lt. Colonel Jacqueline Cooper Joan Riehm
Maude Woodson Cossar Dr. Melinda Rowe
N. Almee Courtright Lt. Colonel Cynthia Shane
Carol A. Dawson Rosa Phillips Stonestreet
Delores Delahanty Estelle Sederberg
Laura Miller Derry Anna Hubbuch Settle
Ethel Biderman Dupont Thelma Stovall
Judge Ellen Ewing Carol Sutton
Sarah McCurdy Fitzbutler Mary K. Bonsteel Tachau
Lucy Freibert Sue Stout Tamme
Carol Garrison Eliza Tevis
Denise Harper Angel Kathy Thompson
Julie Hermann M. Annette Turner
Hattie Hoffman Sylvia Watson
Grace James Linda Weathers
Aimme L. Jones Edna Witcher
Eleanor Jordan Lt. Colonel Terry Winstead
Mae Street Kidd
Phyllis Knight
Helen Lang
Katherine Gudger Langley
Lelia Calhoun Leidenger
Barbara Lewis