Womens Summit 2005

WOMEN'S SUMMIT 2005 Report

The hosts of the summit, the Louisville Metro Office for Women and Women 4 Women, are committed to stepping up their efforts to turn these statistics around. They believe the best way to begin is by tapping into the vibrant network of organizations and individuals in our community who support and empower girls, women and their families on a daily basis.

Thus the aim of the summit was to:

Open an ongoing channel of communication so that organizations and agencies serving womenand girls can

• learn more about what others are doing in their areas of interest (girls, aging, health, etc.)

• learn about issues outside of their areas of interest

All participants sat in a circle in order to convey equal valueto all perspectives.


• gather more data about the needs of girls, women and families

• share visions and strategies

Encourage collaboration and cooperation among organizations and agencies in order to

• leverage limited resources

• build consensus about critical needs and how to address them

• accelerate progress toward improving the status of women and girls in Louisville

Gabriela Alcalde,
Office For Women

Ann L. Coffey,
Women 4 Women