Women's Health Conversation

OFW invited an array of presenters to share their perspective of women’s health issues through an interactive conversation:

Eleanor Jordan, Executive Director of Kentucky Commission on Women:  Statewide Focus on Women’s Health  

•Goals: Educate public about women’s issues; raise the status of KY women;
• Vision: To hope for what “can be or “should be” rather than what “is”. We “Strengthen Kentucky by Strengthening Women in Kentucky”
• Need: To expand concept of women’s health and view entire conditions of women’s health in a more holistic approach.

Dr. Rita Thomas Wedig, Administrative Director, Advancing Women's Health Group, 
Health Science Center, University of Louisville: An overview of the research being conducted on women's health. 

  • Major Studies by the Advancing Women's Health Group include Women’s Stress & Aging.
  • IPV and other stressors can accelerate biological aging.
  • Women need for complete healthcare that includes screenings for life stressors and integration of mental health services.

Mary Johnson, Clinical Research Administrator Kentucky Women’s Health Registry: Progress report and update on Jefferson County Data. 

  • Elder Abuse and inter-generational care-giving are growing issues that have been added to registry.
  • 51% of women surveyed indicated some history of domestic violence.
  • Participation by more African-American and Hispanic women is needed to participate in surveys.
  • A Spanish survey version is being prepared.

Women’s Health Inequities
Center for Health Equity – Discussion focusing on social and economic factors that impact health, highlighting national work with local focus, like the PBS documentary “Unnatural Causes” as well as local projects.

Nneka Moseley, Health Educator and Sheila Oldham-Smith, Project Coordinator reported on findings that connect stress, socio-economic status and their profoundly affect on well-being and longevity.

  • People need HOPE: Help, Opportunity, Partnerships, Equity
  • Add to traditional Diet & exercise: Housing, Job, Air Quality
  • Need physical Activity (30min/day)
  • Public Awareness through screenings (Unnatural Causes);
  • The Health Department offers after school programs, exercise programs, speaker series, and other health related services and events.

After the presentations the more than 40 participants and presenters were provided an opportunity to converse in an open format.

Date: May 7, 2008

Location: Louisville Free Public Library

  • Eleanor Jordan, Kentucky Commission on Women;
  • Dr. Rita Thomas Wedig PhD, RD, LD Health Sciences Center Research Offices at the University of Louisville;
  • Mary Johnson, Kentucky Women’s Health Registry; and
  • Lisa Tobe, the new Director of the Center for Health Equity opened up the afternoon.
    •  Sheila Oldham Smith, and Nneka M. Moselythe Center for Health Equity.