Breaking the Cycle


How can I break the cycle of domestic violence?

Tell Someone. Telling someone you trust can help give you support and safety, especially if you are making the decision to leave your abuser. This is the most dangerous time for victim of domestic violence. Let trusted friends and family know the situation and how they can help you.

Safety Planning. Plan how to get out of your home and where you will go in the even of a violent episode. The Domestic Violence Intake Center can provide you with a 911 cell phone.

Seek Shelter. If you fear for your safety or the safety of your children, go to a friend’s a relative’s, a neighbor’s, or to a shelter for victims of domestic violence. The Center for Women and Families provides emergency shelter and transitional housing for women and their children in Louisville and Southern Indiana.

Seek Counseling. This can help you raise your self-confidence and self-esteem and help you make decisions about your life.

File for a protective order.

Emergency Protective Orders

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you can seek legal protection with an
Emergency Protective Order (EPO). An EPO is an order issued by the court to stop the abuser from committing any further acts of violence against the victim. An EPO can be filed without a full court hearing and without your abuser present. Once you have filed for an EPO, you will be given the date for your Domestic Violence Order (DVO) hearing. The hearing will be held within 14 days of filing an EPO. A DVO can offer the same protection as an EPO for a period of up to three years and can be exteded by a judge for another three years. It can only be issued after the full court hearing at which you must be present.

Criminal Complaints
You can also choose to take criminal action against your abuser. To file a Criminal Complaint and/or an EPO, go to the
Domestic Violence Intake Center. If you file both an EPO and a criminal complaint, you must attend separate hearings for each.

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