Our History:
In late 2010, the various community members came together to unify efforts and ideas to better serve the immigrant and refugee communities of Louisville.

Our Purpose:

We envision a community where violence and abuse are eradicated, and through awareness, advocacy and mobilization, immigrants and refugees – and all community members – are safe, empowered and connected.

Who We Are:

The Coalition on Intimate Violence in International Communities (CIVIC) is a collective of individuals and agencies from Louisville and greater Kentucky, focusing on partner abuse and sexual assault in immigrant and refugee communities. We work to improve awareness and support for individuals, families, and communities through knowledge sharing and community linkage. As these populations grow in Louisville so do their need for support services, including domestic violence and sexual assault survivor services. This type of violence happens to individuals of all backgrounds and cultures – assaults don’t discriminate, and occur too frequently in the U.S. and around the world.

Coalition on Intimate Violence in International Communities - CIVIC.

Activities & Connections