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On September 23, 2013, ninety people attended a professional workshop organized and presented by CIVIC at no charge to attendees.  CEUs (also at no charge) were made available for therapists and social workers.

To aid discussion and understanding, Cultural Profiles with brief overviews of the following cultures who have moved to Louisville within the past 20 years were provided at each table for participants: Somali, Somali Bantu, DRC, Burma, Rohyinga of Burma
Liberia, Cuba, Meskhetian Turks, Iraq, Afghanistan,
Darfuri, Bosnians, Haitians and Burundi.

Agenda for the four hour workshop:

8:00-8:25 a.m.
Sign In and Refreshments

8:30 a.m.
Opening Remarks

Presentation - International communities within Louisville and resettlement patterns by Edgardo Mansilla, Executive Director, Americana Community Center.
9:00 a.m.-10:20a.m.
Bridges and Barriers –Video interviews (courtesy of the Americana Community Center) with Burmese, Nepali, and East/Central African community leaders who present views on domestic violence within their communities and the experiences of community members when accessing social services.

Break and Opportunity to Connect with resources and speak with service providers.

Presentation/Group Discussions – Center for Women and Families

Attendees were asked to reflect on the workshop information & discussions and then brainstorm what short-term and long-term steps they could take toward implementing what they learned.

Next Steps

Wrap-up results 

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Edgardo Mansilla, Executive Director, Americana Community Center