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Youth Print

Building an Out of School Time System in Louisville, Kentucky


Youth Print Report Cover

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In response to reccomendations from the 2008 Graduate! Greater Louisville High School Graduation Summit, Metro United Way (MUW), Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS), and Louisville Metro Government (LMG) have come together around creating a coordinated system for out of school time services in Louisville. We believe that out of school time programs play a significant role in making sure students graduate high school with the knowledge, skills and motivation required to obtain a high school degree and enter post-secondary education.  Furthemore, we believe the creation of a coordinated system will enhance these services so that more of our city's young people can participate and benefit from these programs. 

What is a YouthPrint?                                                           

This system will be guided by a multi-component, long-term planning process.  A set of strategies and recommendations dubbed the Louisville YouthPrint was created to help guide the process. 

Youth Vision

Louisville youth….Have the skills and education to be self-reliant, healthy, engaged, and economically thriving. Have hope and show strength of character to achieve their goals, follow their dreams, respect others, and contribute to bettering their community and world. Live in a caring community where everyone values, supports, invests in and fights for their success. EVERY person in Louisville fights for EVERY Louisville Youth’s success EVERY Time!


The YouthPrint builds upon the vision for successful youth by:

  • Synthesizing information about Louisville’s assets to determine if they match critical needs.
  • Envisioning a community-based system including governance, funding, quality improvement, outcome measurements and program landscaping
  • Developing a YouthPrint by completing asset-mapping, program landscaping, a market study, development of quality standards and funding analysis and engendering community will.

Desired Community Outcomes: 

  • Increased participation and expanded opportunities in OST programs that meet quality standards
  • More young people graduating from high school college ready and entering college
  • More young people graduating with a post-secondary degree (visit 55,000 Degrees to find out more about Greater Louisville's Education Committment)

Youth Print Sub-committees:

Research and Data

Program Landscaping, Staff Development & Quality

Market Research/Analysis

Governance, Funding & Sustainability

Family Engagement

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