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Parking Campaign: Pay Overdue Tickets!

Monday February 12, 2007

New campaign spotlights downtown parking

Downtown Louisville is buzzing with new stores, new shops, restaurants, art galleries and nightclubs – and now, more than ever, parking is needed to serve those customers.

A new campaign by Louisville Metro Government and the Parking Authority of River City will better inform the public about downtown parking, while giving people a financial incentive to pay their overdue parking tickets.

Staring Monday, Feb. 12 and running through Friday, March 30, people who pay their outstanding tickets will have their late fees waived. A $25 overdue ticket thus becomes $15 – a big savings, especially for people who owe multiple tickets.

In addition, an advertising campaign — “Downtown Louisville: We’ve Got Space 4U” — will include radio spots, newspaper advertisements and signs attached to parking meters. Nine billboards in and around downtown will carry the “Space 4U” message.

“We have plenty of parking downtown – 32,000 spaces,” Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson said. “We definitely have space for you.”

The Parking Authority of Louisville (PARC),, contains a map showing the location of downtown parking spots, including garages. The website also contains a searchable database for parking tickets. People may enter their license plate number and see if they owe fines, which may be paid online. People may also call the Parking Authority of River City at 502-569-6222 to see if they have outstanding tickets.

PARC also is continuing to sell its popular “Smart Card” – which works like a debit card. The cards, with a minimum deposit of $10, are inserted into parking meters, saving people from having to carry coins. The cards are on sale at various locations, including the PARC offices at 517 S. 4th Street and 224 W. Muhammad Ali Boulevard.

Abramson noted that a small percentage of people are abusing on-street parking by pulling into a space and staying there all day. These scofflaws accumulate parking tickets, then do not pay them.

“We need to ensure that on-street parking is turning over, as it’s designed to do,” Abramson said. “Readily available parking is important to the economic vitality of downtown.”