5th Street Garage

Constructed and Initiated operations in August 1991

Award Winning Design

630 South Fifth Street

Fifth Street between Broadway and Chestnut (Next to Brennan House)
Alley from Theater Square or alley in front of the Palace Theater
Clearance Height: 6'8''

5 Levels
671 Spaces
20 ADA Spaces
2 Elevators (located on northeast and southwest corners)

Convenient Parking for:
Cunningham's Restaurant
Brennan House
The Palace Theater
Theater Square
Brown Theater 
Chestnut Centre
Camberley Brown Hotel 



5th Street

 Reserved $110.00
 Unreserved $90.00
 0-30 minutes  $0.00 
 31-60 minutes  $2.00
 1-2 hours  $4.00
 2-3 hours  $6.00
 3-4 hours  $8.00
 4+ hours  $10.00
Daily Max.
(Note 1)
(Note 2)
Lunch Rate
(Note 3)
Evening Rate
(Note 4)
Weekend Rate
(Note 5)
Event Rate Search Events
Lost Ticket  $10.00

Note 1: No in and out privileges allowed.
Note 2: Weekday Earlybird: Enter facility between 5:00am - 7:59am. and exit before 6:00pm.
Note 3: Enter after 11:00am/ exit before 2:00pm
Note 4: Enter after 6:00pm/ exit before 5:30am
Note 5: Enter after 5:00pm/ exit before 5:30am

4th Street View

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