6th & Main Garage

Initiated operation in February 1987
Award Winning Design

120 South Sixth Street

Sixth Street between Main and Market Street
Market between Sixth and Seventh Street
Clearance Height: 6'8''

9 Levels
772 Spaces
16 ADA Spaces
2 Elevators (located on east side of the garage)

Convenient Parking for:
Republic Bank
Historic Main Street
City Hall
Group Financial Center
Hall of Justice
Court House
Greater Louisville Inc.
Kentucky Arts and Crafts
Louisville Bar Association
Kentucky Center for the Arts



6th & Main

 0-30 minutes $1.00 
 31-60 minutes $2.00
 1-2 hours $4.00
 2-3 hours $6.00
 3-4 hours $8.00
 4+ hours $10.00
Daily Max.
(Note 1)
Earlybird (Note 2)  $5.00
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Lost Ticket $10.00

Note 1: No in and out privileges allowed.
Note 2: Weekday Earlybird: Enter facility between 5:00am - 7:59am. and exit before 6:00pm.