Cornerstone 2020 Core Graphics

A series of maps, known as the Core Graphics, have been prepared to assist in the application of Cornerstone 2020. Core Graphics were part of the 1979 Comprehensive Plan; as in the prior plan, the graphics in Cornerstone 2020 depict existing conditions of natural and built environments, as well as recommendations for development-related facilities. A graphic not found in the 1979 Plan, Community Form Areas, depicts the characteristic pattern of development in each portion of the county, a key component of Cornerstone 2020. As with the 1979 Plan, the text of Cornerstone 2020 takes precedence over the Core Graphics. The Goals, Objectives, Guidelines and Policies express the substance of the plan; the Core Graphics aid in interpreting them.

Cornerstone 2020 includes the Core Graphics listed below. On May 30, 2002, The Planning Commission approved revisions to Core Graphic 1, Community Form Areas. On April 18, 2002, the Planning Commission approved the Historic Districts Core Graphic. The Commission also approved revisions to the following Core Graphics on April 18: Existing Land Use; Adopted Small Area Plan; Environmental Constraints; Greenway, Parks and Open Space; Roadway Classifications and Projected Corridors; and Transit Routes. To view individual Core Graphics:

Core Graphic 1: Community Form Areas
Core Graphic 2: 
Existing Land Use
Core Graphic 3:
Adopted Small Area Plans 
Core Graphic 4: 
Historic Districts 
Core Graphic 5: Environmental Constraints
Core Graphic 6: Streams and Watersheds
Core Graphic 7: Greenways, Parks and Open Space
Core Graphic 8: Air Quality Areas of Concern
Core Graphic 9:
Noise Impact Areas
Core Graphic 10:
Roadway Classifications and Projected Corridors
Core Graphic 11: Transit Routes
Core Graphic 12: Parkways
Bikeway Facilities (future)*

PDF Information
The Cornerstone 2020 Core Graphics are available as PDF documents. To open PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, it is available for free from


Only Core Graphic 1: Community Form Areas is included with the the comprehensive plan.

The core graphics are available for viewing on this web site and at Planning and Design Services, 444 S. 5th Street, Suite 300, Louisville, Kentucky, 40202.

Instructions for printing:

To print any or all of the Cornerstone 2020 Core Graphics from PDF:

From your internet browser File menu, use the Save As... option to save the PDF file to your computer. The PDF file is approximately 11 Mb in size.

Once the file has been saved, open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader. The size of each map is 40 inches by 32 inches, so a 36-inch wide plotter must be used to print the maps to the correct size.

From the Adobe Acrobat Reader File menu, select the Print Setup option. From the Print Setup window, select a wide format plotter (36-inch or larger) from your local network, and then click on the Properties button.

From the plotter Properties window, select the Page Size button or tab. While in the Page Size window, set the orientation to landscape, and in the Zoom Smart area, click on the Use this Scale Factor, and set it to 100% if it is not currently set at 100%. This step is very important as it preserves map scale. Also, set the Paper Source to 36-inch roll and then click on the More Sizes button.

In the More Sizes window, in the Used Standards area, click on oversize. In the Custom Paper area, set X (length) to 40 and Y (height) to 32. Click OK in this window, and then OK again in the general Print Setup window.

From Adobe Acrobat Reader File menu, select Print and click on OK. The map should begin printing shortly.

These instructions may vary depending on your particular plotter and setup. Should you experience difficulty printing, please contact us for assistance through the following link: Contact Us

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