Development Proposal List

The proposal list enables citizens to view current development proposals in the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro area. You may choose your council district(s) of interest, and you have the option of viewing proposals in all 26 Metro Council districts. You may also choose the type of proposal in which you are interested. The types of proposals you have to choose from include:

  • Board of Zoning Adjustment (BOZA)
    • Appeal - A request for review of enforcement actions.
    • Conditional Use Permit - Legal authorization to undertake a specific use.
    • Variance - A request for a variation from the Land Development Code concerning the height or width of structures and the size of yards and open space..
      • Category 3 - Development proposals that consist of more than five single-family residences or ten or more multi-family dwelling units. Non-residential Category 3 cases are those that, in most cases, are 30,000 square feet or larger (except in the Traditional Neighborhood Form District, where Category 3 non-residential cases are 5,000 square feet or larger).
      • Rezoning - A change in zoning district on a parcel of land
      • Major Subdivision - A subdivision of land resulting in the creation of five or more lots.
      • Rezoning Subdivision - A major subdivision that requires a change in zoning to allow the proposed density and/or uses.
      • Street Closure - Closing a street to traffic.
        • Click Here to view the list of current development proposals.