Land Development Code Improvement Committee

The Land Development Code (LDC) Improvement Committee consists of Louisville Metro Government staff, representatives from the development industry, representatives from neighborhood groups, as well as other organizations and citizen groups. The LDC Committee meets regularly to identify ways to update and simplify the Land Development Code, which was adopted in 2003 with major revisions in 2004 and 2006. 

Round I: Land Development Code Text Amendments

The process to update the Land Development Code has been approached in two phases. The first phase included a series of text amendments, or minor technical changes, meant to improve the functionality of the LDC. The Planning Commission recommended approval of these changes on March 29, 2012. In order to become final, they must also be adopted by Metro Council (or in 2nd to 4th class cities, the applicable legislative body). Many of these items were approved by Metro Council between March and August 2013 and are currently being inserted into the online version of the Land Development Code. 

Relevant Documents

Round II: Land Development Code Improvements

A second set of improvements to the Land Development Code are currently being developed. Unlike Round I, the changes proposed through this process will be more substantive - i.e., go beyond simplifying and streamlining existing language. Once the Committee recommendations are finalized, they will be submitted to Planning Commission for review in 2014. Like the Round I recommendations, these changes will ultimately require approval from Metro Council or other legislative body.

Each subcommittee has made recommendations for changes to their particular sections and issues in the code.  The Planning Commission will hear revision recommendations on August 11, 2014.  There is a 30 public comment period beginning May 30, 2014 and ending June 30, 2014.  Public is invited to a Public Comment Open House to be held on June 10 at 6pm, 444 S 5th St, Louisville, Ky.  During this open house, a summary of proposed amendments will be presented and public is encouraged to give feedback.  All comments and questions can be directed to Michael Hill, Planning Coordinator,

Relevant Documents

Several subcommittees have been meeting regularly beginning May 2012. 

The subcommittees have made recommendations for changes to their particular sections and issues in the code, which are under consideration by the Main Committee. Presentations from each of the Main Committee meetings can be found below:

Meeting Date                    

Meeting Summary
April 22, 2014 agenda  presentation
April 8, 2014     agenda  presentation
March 25, 2014 agenda  presentation
March 11, 2014 agenda  presentation
February 25, 2014 agenda  presentation
February 11, 2014 agenda  presentation
January 21, 2014     agenda  presentation
January 7, 2014 agenda  presentation
December 17, 2013 agenda  presentation
December 3, 2013 agenda  presentation
November 19, 2013 agenda  presentation
November 5, 2013 agenda  presentation
October 15, 2013 agenda  presentation
October 1, 2013 agenda  presentation
September 17, 2013 agenda  presentation
September 3, 2013 agenda  presentation 
August 20, 2013 agenda  presentation
August 6, 2013     agenda  presentation
July 16, 2013                agenda  presentation
July 2, 2013 agenda  presentation
June 18, 2013 agenda  presentation
June 4, 2013 agenda  presentation
May 21, 2013 agenda  presentation
May 7, 2013 agenda  presentation
March 19, 2013 agenda  summary
February 19, 2013 agenda
January 15, 2013 agenda
December 18, 2012 agenda  summary
November 20, 2012 agenda  presentation
October 16, 2012 agenda  summary
September 18, 2012 agenda  summary
August 21, 2012 agenda  summary
July 17, 2012 agenda  summary
June 19, 2012 agenda  summary
May 22, 2012 agenda  Round Two Kick-Off Meeting Presentation  

For further information, please contact:
Michael Hill, AICP
Planning Coordinator
(502) 574-5160